Monday, April 4, 2011

More Of My Really Busy Life

I'm picking up right where I left off in my last post. I'll start with Friday to explain about my fabulously busy weekend.


Friday was a pretty busy day. I had a hair appointment in the morning to get my locs tightened. While I was there, I got a call from a friend. We got close while I was dating her cousin, the Ex. I haven't spoken to him in years, but she and I are still good friends. She called to ask me a favor. I agreed and cancelled my plans to head back to the hospital to do her this favor. I picked up my 9 year old cousin and headed out to St. Charles, IL. They were having a Mary Kay conference there and the Ex's cousin was a part of it. I was to pick up her two boys (ages 4 and 0) and take them to her mother-in-law's house for the weekend. The Ex's cousin was behind schedule and she needed my help. Me and my cousin drove out there, got the boys, and headed back to the city. We were supposed to go to the movies, but that got postponed because of our errand and unexpected traffic. By the time we dropped the boys off, we had to head out to the bowling alley where my league bowls on Friday nights. That night at the bowling alley was amazing. My team, which is in second place, was bowling the first place team. They were ahead of us by 6 pts, the slimmest margin they've had all season. We were excited because if we got all 7 pts (the max a team can get in one night), we would take the lead for the first time this season. There's only three weeks left in the season, so now was the time to make our move. There was only one problem, we never beat them. The most we ever get is 2 pts. But we pulled together and won! They helped by bowling below average and we took first place! It was so exciting because I didn't think it was possible because we've never been able to win all three game against them! So now we just have to maintain for a few weeks. I'm hopeful, but my team has to bowl without me this coming Friday, so I hope it turns out okay.

My 9 year old cousin and I made plans to hang out Saturday since our Friday plans didn't work out. But my mother and I had already made a commitment to take my grandmother shopping. So I invited my cousin along for some three-generation style bonding and offered to take her to the movies after. She wanted to go bowling instead, so that was our plan. Of course, my grandmother is the world's slowest shopper. I had no idea of this, but it is true. At the end of it, she had some really nice clothes that were just her style, nice quality, and fit way better than what she had owned since before she lost so much weight. Of course by this time, the day was nearly over. I had to get over to my friends' house to help setup because the husband was throwing the wife a surprise 30th birthday party. I've known the husband forever because we grew up in the same church, and the wife is a welcome addition to our church family. Michelle was expecting me there at like 6. That wasn't even an option by the time we got my cousin back to her house. My mom and I stayed there and hung out with her brother (my uncle) and his family. We chatted and watched movies and played with my cousin's (not the 9 year old) new baby. It was good family time, but by 7:30, I finally got my mother out of there so I could get home and dressed and over to the surprise party. Michelle was heading home to change and so she picked me up and I rode with her over there. We got there with just enough time to spare to set up the last few things and get everyone organized to yell out "Surprise!" when she came to the door. The surprise went well and the party kicked off nice. There was lots of good food, varied drinks, a great cake (tres leche), great music, and pretty enjoyable company. Easy was coming to town because he had a recording session Sunday, so he came up right after his gig on Saturday and came ot the birthday party. Everyone was happy to see him, none more than me of course. I think the last two weeks were the longest we'd been apart since he got back from Europe. We hung out at the party, then left aroud 1 am. There's lots of funny stories from the party, but I'll keep them to myself to protect the guilty, ha ha.

I wanted to go to church Sunday, but I was just so tired after the long week I'd had, I just stayed at Easy's house while he went to church. I played with his neices and chatted with his sister. He brought lunch back and his mom got back around the same time. We spent some time with his family until it was time to head up north to go to the recording session. We stopped by my house and hung out with my family while I was getting my stuff together. Then we headed up north. Camille met us up there since she had never heard Easy play and so that she and I could catch up. She didn't get to the surprise party on Saturday til after Easy and I left because she was at a bachelorette party for another church member of ours. She was telling me about the bachelorette party and the craziness that I'd missed by leaving the party early. When Easy started recording we went to listen to him. He sounded amazing, of course. Then Camille had to leave cause she had to go study. I stayed until the end of the session, then Easy and I got right on the road to St. Louis. It was a pretty easy drive and we got back in great time.

Now, I'm just enjoying my time with him before I go to Florida this weekend.

I'm really just so happy that I had so much happen that I literally wasn't home with time to blog. Being that busy makes me excited. I made moves with friends, family, hobbies, and career. I have this huge smile on face.

Even if I don't get a job offer from the interview, even if my team doesn't stay in first place, even if my friends and I don't stay this close with all the changes upcoming in each of our lives, taking steps toward what I want is what is important. Just having tangible proof that all these things are possible is huge for me right now. It's easy to stay hopeful and optimistic when it seems like things are right on the verge of working out better than you could have imagined.

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