Thursday, April 14, 2011

American Idol, Top 8

I was heartbroken last week when Pia went home. I think we all thought Stefano was leaving. I love him so much, but I would have preferred Pia to stay. I guess I have to be even more vigilant now with who I vote for.  This week, the theme is music from the movies. I love movies and movie musicals so I'm loving this theme.  One gripe, why is Randy Jackson always name dropping? Lol, whatever.

My categories are:
Great, I'd be happy if you won
Lauren Alaina: she's singing a Hannah Montana song. Her voice is gonna tap dance all over Miley Cyrus was my first thought. But it works cause she's young. And the mentors were saying exactly the same thing. I really like this song and I just knew I would love her singing. And I really did love it. She improved to me this week. I'm a Pia fan who will be giving my Pia votes to Lauren. She's the only chick left I like.
Stefano Langone: I know he loves rhythm and blues, so I was super excited as soon as they said his song was from the movie Boomerang. I love love love that movie, so I knew he could make me glad he was the one who stayed if he picked the right song. And he's doing a Boyz II Men song! I'm so happy he isn't doing that love shoulda brought you home song. I figured I'd hate his phrasing like last week, but he got better. And when he stares into the camera, my knees melt. I loved it. I could hear all that his voice was able to do. Not a lot of people can match Wanye, but he had it. I'm back on the Stefano bandwagon.
Jacob Lusk: I just love him so much and I was hoping he would sing an uplifting song this week. When they said he was singing something from the pursuit of happyness, I got excited. I was hoping for a song that he didn't end up singing. But the song he sang was truly amazing. The man just has a voice that climbs to heights impossible for others. I felt like I was at a concert while watching him sing. It was just amazing. Did I mention it was amazing? I def don't want him in the bottom three any more.

Really good, but you're not my american idol
Paul McDonald: he sang that song from Risky Business. I think it fits him very well. And his voice is so unique. That being said, it took me a minute to get into it cause his voice is...soft? I don't know that soft is the right word, but he definitely owned that stage. Well, his clothes did and he took a close second. I really felt the performance more than the singing. And why was he holding cymbals he never actually played? It was enjoyable, but I didn't love it.
Scotty McCreery: doing a song from the movie pure country is a no-brainer. I assumed I would enjoy it like I always do. I don't know that I would love his albums enough to buy each thing he puts out should he win. So maybe he's not my american idol. But I sure as hell loved this song and will be throwing a few votes his way. His voice is just so amazing.

I didn't love it at all this week, sorry
Casey abrams: first can I say I'm really loving the facial hair trim. I couldn't even remember his last name at first. All I could think was Rogan, as in Seth Rogan. I know he's not conventional sexy, but I heart Casey. And I love his voice when he's rocking out and when not, so figured a Nat King Cole would allow him to sing well and play bass. I was looking forward to it so much. But then he switched to the Phil Collins, and I figured that would be good too cause it would give him a chance to rock out. But then he switched back and I was confused, but eager. He stuck to who he is as an artist and I liked that. But I wasn't blown away by the song. What can I say? Love him, but I wasn't blown away by that song. The judges loved it, but it missed me. Sorry.
Haley Reinhart: I can't remember the last time I was a fan of hers. But I was willing to give her another chance. I'm unfamiliar with Blondie, but that doesn't mean I won't still love her song choice. And I've never seen american giggolo, but so what. I definitely loved the way she looked. There are just some voices I don't like, my ear literally doesn't enjoy. And unfortunately, Haley's is one of them. I liked that song, and would to hear a version of it she doesn't sing. Next week, I'll be giving her another chance if she makes it through.
James Durbin: he's gonna rock out and that works. As long as I can hear him, I know I would enjoy the performance. I really do like this guy. He's just never been my favorite. His voice just is rock. And he held onto that song even though the mentors weren't into it. I can honestly say heavy metal is my least favorite rock music, but I really enjoyed this performance. I didn't love it, but I enjoyed it.

I plan to only vote for the people who I'd be brokenhearted if they left. That includes: Lauren, Stefano, Casey, and Jacob. If I got to choose the final three right now, it would be Lauren, Stefano, and Jacob.
I would vote for more, but I would hate to see any of those four go and I could live with any of the other four leaving.

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