Thursday, April 7, 2011

America's Next Top Model, Top 7

This week, they jump right in with the challenege. The girls get these red bags and these symbols when they get to the house. The bags contain clothing that is for Warrior in Pink for breast cancer research and support. I own so many things with pink ribbons on it (bags, pens, water bottles, etc.) that I was loving this as soon as I saw what it wat.

Is anyone else irritated that they keep showing commentary that isn't from the same time as the show's episode? Seriously, Brittani's comment about Alexandria, she still had that horrible weave. WTF? And also, can they leave the emotional talking to someone other than Nigel? I love him, but that talking with his hands and that over-the-top earnestness on his face, sheesh. I'd prefer someone just being real and talking about it. Lots of people have been affected by breast cancer, but that was like when Samantha on SATC was practicing her speech for the banquet and Smith was like, "uh, maybe not." She got real (on TV, ha ha), and I"d like Nigel to do that as well.

Mikaela: She was moved to tears just thinking about her family's struggle with breast cancer. I'm glad her photo shoot started well and for once, I really loved her hair and makeup. She looked strong, but you could really see the emotion behind it. But you got to see why she was in the bottom two last week: no creativity.

She was "crazy for sales" and I honestly didn't expect much because she went in with such a negative attitude bashing Alexandria right before she went on. She should have been focusing on her idea and maybe she wouldn't have been overwhelmed when she got to set. Her photo was just okay. It was one her last shots and even then, if was just okay.

At this point, I'm rooting for her to go home. When she was in the bottom two, I was happy. That meant she was leaving since they were gonna give Brittani another chance.

Kasia: I don't know why but she's starting to annoy me. She's the same as always, I'm just this weird combo of nonplussed plus irritated. I think it was when she said she wanted to win the challenge so she could be a role model. All I thought was, "this is so not about you!" I didn't really get how her photo said "Heart", but whatever, Nigel seemed to like it.

They kind of glossed over her photo shoot. She was "crazy for hair". Mr. J liked that she thought out of the box, but I guess we'll see what all that frowning turns up in judging. They feel her risks paid off, so good for her. Whatev.

Molly: When she was talking about how much she hated Alexandria and they went to that clip about her worst moments over the last five weeks, I was like, "Ouch!" In my compassion for her, I kind of forgot why Molly had every right to hate this girl. But about her challenge photo, I really loved the ethereal look she put together. I guess it isn't hard to get "Angel Wings" right. But of course, she was thinking more about winning a challenge rather than the task at hand. Sigh.

She should have kept her mouth shut and let Brittani walk out on that plank all by herself cause Nigel was standing right there. She was "crazy for accessories" in her photo shoot. I liked the concept for her immediately. I was worried though once they got her accessorized and she was so clearly uncomfortable. But her photo was Ah-mazing! She didn't look at all awkward.

That ring biting she did at the end of the shoot turned out to be the money shot. I think her photo will be the best of the week. She ended up with runner up photo, and I'm happy with that. She pulled off a great photo and that's really what matters.

Brittani:  She's itching for the moment that Alexandria's "true colors" show up and they send her home. It's really too bad that she doesn't understand Alexandria, the previews told me this wasn't going to end well. On to her challenge photo, "I don't think I just do." I was with Nigel like, "whaaaaa?" She looked great, but I didn't really get warrior-against-breast-cancer. Oh Lord, tears. Whatever.

When she doesn't like someone, it brings out the worst in her. Damn, girl, get it together. You can't let your hatred for someone else bring you down. In that yelling match with Alexandria, Brittani came out looking like such a bitch. She made herself seem like all the things she's accusing Alexandria of. She was "crazy for shoes" in her photo shoot. I wasn't a fan of the way she went to show that at first. But the photographer loved it, so she'll probably get a good shot.

After the shoot, the girls were at the house the night before judging. Brittani gave a great (sarcasm) PSA about how much she hates Alexandria while wearing the Warriors in Pink bandana. Great job (wry). When Nigel brought up the argument during Alexandria's photo, I really hated her reaction. "That's fine." She doesn't understand that this is a business, not a personality contest. Unless of course you really suck, and again, she's making herself look bad. And when the tears came, I felt better because that meant she finally understood she had gone too far.

There's a time and a place to be a bitch. That wasn't it. I was glad when she left because she's showing how unprofessinal she can be. Tyra wasn't even phased because she has seen it all. I just love how Tyra was like, "you're having a panic attack? Uh huh. Well, let's look at your photo." Panic attacks are real, but she needs to get over herself. And they weren't into her photo. I wonder how much of that is because they weren't into her at that point. Tyra wanted her to go and they all wanted to give her a second chance.

I can only hope she'll fuck up again next week. I don't care about her bone structure. I want her to go back to being nice. But I doubt she can do that. I'm glad she was at least in the bottom two so she knows they really didn't like that.

Hannah: She managed to make that vague-ass symbol of "Spiral" come to life. She seemed nervous at the challenge photo shoot, but she looked great. I really liked her hair and makeup choices. Nigel called her un-memorable. I can get that, just look at how little I've had to say about her and I love her.

She was "crazy for handbags" for her shoot. I just couldn't imagine her garnerning enough gusto to give off crazy, and I was right. Too theatrical, definitely not Italian Vogue. The judges loved her photo though Tyra did point out that her film wasn't great. Which made me breathe a sigh of relief because I love her and want her to stick around.

Jaclyn: They could just have her narrate the entire episode. I usually hate squeaky voices, but I love hers. I could listen to this girl describe a box of baking soda. And she's so super cute. I love her hair and her mouth. I wanted her to win the challenge because of her story about her aunt. She knows this isn't about her and she wants to convey something meaningful to all the people who would see the campaign. I loved her photos and the reason behind her makeup. I think it was genius.

I love that she was so excited to be working with Eric Damon from Gossip Girl. He is an amazing stylist. She was "crazy for makeup" and I just know it was gonna be fabulous. The only downside was her mouth wasn't done perfectly in hot pink or bright red. It was perfectly smeared. I bet her photo is really inspired.

Her photo was great. Everyone loved it, it really was perfect for her, I don't mind that her lips weren't perfect. Did I mention I love her lips? If Molly doesn't get the best pic of the week, I think it will go to Jaclyn. And it did! I was happy for her. She's done a good job at just being her happy self and I'm proud of her.

Alexandria: That video montage of her worst moments were harsh. So harsh. But I guess in my compassion for her and her background, I'm able to just explain it away as her feeling like she needs to be tough to take a pre-emptive stand for herself in the house. What can I say? I like her strength. If people misinterpret that, it only makes her stronger. There's a part of me that makes me love her for that. I loved her symbol for the challenge, "Tree of Love", and she really designed it well with hair and makeup I think. That weird bottom lip is also starting to grow on me. And she embodied this strong, beautiful tree.

I just wish the girls understood her. When it comes to her, they are so freaking negative! Nigel called her performance "obvious" and he was right. But when you do on-the-nose, it has to be the best on-the-nose anyone has seen. And I think she did that. I was soooo happy when she won the challenge, and a freaking car! I know it's going to cause so much trouble in the house, but I don't care. This is about breast cancer, not how catty those chicks can be. I really think she handled herself well when Brittani attacked her. I wonder if she knew Nigel was standing nearby.

When she said she didn't get what she'd done to make the girls hate her so, I was like, um, "lack of self-awareness much?" She should know she's been arguing and fussing since she got there. But I guess if that's the environment she's used to, she didn't know that it could make people hate you. She was "crazy for faux fur". I think she can be animalistic, so I expected great things from this photo. And I think she pulled it off. Mr. J seemed happy.

They loved her photo, but didn't see the crazy in it. They weren't criticizing her as hard as they were Mikaela though. Then Nigel brought up the challenge photo shoot. I was so sad when Alexandria started crying. I know it was out of sheer embarassment. Poor girl. I was so happy when Anre Leon Talley told her he felt bad for her and she should put a smile on her face. That's the exact opposite of what Brittani wanted to happen I'm sure. Alexandria really came out looking good to the judges.

I know I had a lot to say this week, but it was a crazy week. I love this show!

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