Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Highlights of My Florida Trip

I really should be sleep right now, but I'm not, so I figured I'd write a post since I haven't had time all weekend. I will write a real post when I have the time, but I wanted to share some highlights.

1. After stalking ebay, and begging my parents to help me get my camera in Florida that came to Chicago, I started taking lots of photos. That led me to make a Flckr account. I added the photostream to my blog page and there's a link where you can check out all my photos I've added. It has the higlights from this weekend.

2. I've been having so much fun. I feel old as hell though! I forget sometimes that the people I know here go all the way back, like 8 years ago. Long time, but good times.

3.  It was the best decision ever to leave from Tallahassee even though we flew into Jacksonville. Not having to get a ride 2.5 hours away before our flight will make everyone's life easier in the afternoon.

4. When I get back to St. Louis, I have to rush off to Chicago because I have a meeting with the director of the company I interviewed with two Thursdays ago. They told me two weeks, but they really liked me, so they wanted me to come in as soon as I got back from out of town. That probably means something great!

5. This is totally random, but I miss my cat Belle. I'm just used to her crawling all over me while I'm blogging or reading articles on the internet. I miss my bossy co-dependent cat.

6. I've been eating so unhealthily these last few days. I always lambasted the food in Tallahassee, but there are places I just had to go to and get food from that I can't get outside of here. Zaxby's, Chubby's, and Captain D's. I know they have them other places, but not Chicago, and they just speak FAMU to me. I have to decide tomorrow if I'm going to go to Hip Hop Fish and Chicken, Moe's, Firehaus, or Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Probably the last one. I'd love a smoothie and a caesar chicken wrap. That's not as healthy as it sounds.

7. In spite of my diet, I did get in a run while here. It was so hot though I got overheated, but I was glad to be able to keep working out and maintaining (in some form or another) my healthy living.

I'll blog more later. But right now I'm going to watch Enchanted for the 184th time and go to sleep.

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