Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

I am doing unconventional thinking when it comes to wedding dresses. I've actually been dress shopping once in my life. I was in a cotillion when I was 16. I had a wedding dress from David's Bridal that cost hundreds of dollars for the occasion. I feel lucky to have gone through that because I learned a couple of things that will keep me from making similar mistakes in the future.

This time around, I wanted to walk into the store knowing what I wanted. I have pretty much figured that out with only 2 hours of searching online. My dream dress is a satiny silk or chiffon with a lace overlay. It's A-line and floor length. It has a sweetheart neckline but isn't strapless. It isn't white. It has to have some sort of pattern or print on it, I'd prefer floral or nature themed. And I'd like it to have a natural waist with some sort of belt or sash at the waist. There are a ton of dresses with this description, and I saw some amazing ones that would only cost a couple hundred dollars. This makes the future budget bride in me swoon.

If it were up to me, I'd go buy one of these today and be done with it. I know it's the most important dress I'll ever wear, but I only want to spend a couple hundred dollars on it because I'm so tiny and so much money will have to be spend on good alterations. And I know I'll never wear it again and likely won't be able to sell it to anyone else.

Here are some inspiration photos.

1. Sweetheart Modified A-Line 2. Champagne Eyelet 3. Organza Flora A-Line

The first one had something about it I just really like. I could do without the white or the train though. The second one is champagne in color and I love that it's not strapless, but it's a little too full to give me that perfect A-line shape I really want. The third is just perfect. If I could add a little dove grey jacket over it, it's everything I dreams of, except the material. I just love it though.

I had half a mind to go try on that third one. Only an intervention from my friend Michelle would have saved me. Well, also the thought of Easy thinking I'm completely crazy. Who buys a wedding dress without having decided on a wedding theme or wedding colors? That's not why he would think I was crazy, that's just why I would agree with him.

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