Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back! And I Finally Have A Real Life To Discuss!

So, I intended on blogging Friday to tell of how the rest of my last week went. But I was just so busy, this is literally the first time I have available to talk about everything. One of my best friends, Bad, told me he knew I must be excited because after so long of feeling like I was at a standstill, everything was moving forward at once. It does seem like quite a bit of the things I wanted to make progress with have all moved forward at once. I'm very excited, I tell you.

Monday and Tuesday
So, let's get to it. I posted my last post on Monday or Tuesday, to say I wasn't going to be posting because I wanted to focuse on my GRE and my upcoming job interview. I did write my posts about Dancing With The Stars, American Idol, and America's Next Top Model. I think I only published one of them, so I will go ahead and publish the other two tonight. But Monday and Tuesday were low-key days. I mostly just sat around the house, doing review questions. I spent some time sending out e-mails to confirm references for my job application. I spent a good amount of time making sure I covered all my bases because I figured I might not want to spend time doing that Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Wednesday was GRE day and I took the 12:30 exam in downtown Chicago. First let me say, even if you read all the tips for the day of, you still may be unprepared. They told me to wear layers because I wouldn't know what to expect for room temperature. Well, they meant some other kind of layer than what I had on. I had to take off my scarf and my jacket. I had already removed my outerwear (coat, hat, gloves), but I also had to remove those parts of my outfit even though they didn't have pockets and were my layers! But enough complaining. The test went really well. Extremely well. I'm happy about my scores and can't wait to see what type of writing score I get when I receive my scores in the mail in three weeks. Wednesday evening, my parents and I went to visit some friends from church who were in the hospital. There were two different people in the hospital, and there happened to be a lot of folks from our church floating around. It was the most fun I've had visiting someone in the hospital, like a party, but with a weird smell and lots of prayer. Wednesday night, I just wound down and enjoyed watching American Idol and America's Next Top Model. I was very glad I had completed my interview packet beforehand so I could just chill that night.

I spent the morning just relaxing and spending some time to myself, reflecting on the last year. I wanted to be perfectly calm and amiable and all the things that are perfect personality traits for a job interview. Then Bad called and asked if I wanted to do lunch before I headed to my job interview. I thought it would be a great idea so I wouldn't be hungry. We met at this great Thai restaurant in Hyde Park. Lunch was great and we caught up and he gave me some tips. We also made plans to have a "gainful employment" party once I have secured a job. And he paid for lunch which is one of those great signs of being an adult, not always splitting the bill. I told him I'd buy him lunch after I get my first paycheck. Then I headed to the interview. The people there were all so nice and smiley and well dressed and not-at-all stressed. It looked like exactly my type of environment. The interview went well. I felt like I used "um" too much, but I think I corrected myself. I felt great about it, especially because the two women interviewing were using words like "when" instead of "if." They told me I could expect to hear something back in two weeks and asked if I could start immediately. wish me luck or pray for me (whichever suits you better) that I get this job. Once the job is secured, I will explain a bit more about it. Thursday night, I went over my friend Gloria's house to dye my hair. I wanted to try a dark reddish brown color. She and I hung out with another of our friends. And when Michelle got to town for the weekend, she came over too and we had an impromptu girls' night.

This post will be too long if I cover everything, so I will stop here and post about the weekend next.

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