Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Operation: Don't Notice I Don't Have A Job Yet

Today is the day I am officially freaking out that I haven't heard yea or nay from the job people. I really want this job. They've checked my references, they've given me four different interviews, I'm sure they've run a background check and now know that I didn't use to go around killing people. They've probably run a credit check and know that I need a job so I can adjust my student loan repayments to match my salary.

So why nothing? It sucks people, it really truly sucks. But I refuse to wallow more than that last paragraph. So today, I'm being proactive about occupying my damn time. It works when dating a man who's not working on your schedule, and I'm betting it will work for a job offer I've yet to receive but would love to get.

So what's on the agenda for today? I'm so glad you asked. First, I'm washing clothes. I want to do that more often, but it's not always up to me when I can wash clothes because there are four people who live in this house and honestly, necessity is the only thing that grants me uninterrupted use of the machines. I hate washing clothes and not seeing process through to the end, so there will be folding and hanging in my future. How is that a good distraction? I'm kinda domestic, deal with it.

Concurrently with the washing clothes, I will be learning a new song on the piano. Just a portion of it actually. A friend of mine wants this song in a recording she's doing and she asked me to learn it so I am. I like it, it's not to difficult to play, so I'm thinking it will happen. That's also a bonus for Easy because he's been asking me to play for him and up to this point I've refused. But if I play for her, I'll definitely play for him. The thing is that I've known this girl since she was 12 and we were in our high school choir together. I accompanied the choir the entire time I was a member and even a year before, so I definitely can play for her without feeling weird about it.

After that's done, my mother and I are going to see the new Tyler Perry movie that's out. After seeing The Family That Preys, I didn't think I could see another of his movies that I knew was just going to be straight foolishness. Knowing that the man could put together a real film (that movie, Precious, For Colored Girls), it was hard to accept going to see the same Madea fluff. But I saw the previews and couldn't stop laughing. I do love the spring/summer time with it's ability to make more people go see movies so I don't have to see them alone.

And of course tonight is American Idol and America's Next Top Model. I know I've been slipping on my recaps/opinions. But seeing as how my computer actually turned on 2 days in a row, I think I'll do those tonight. And if I have some downtime, I'll actually update my other blogs too! I have a lot to get done today people, so I guess I better get to it.

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