Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being Around People Who Don't Know You Well...

...can be a wonderful change of pace. I'm the type of person who keeps company for a while (romantic relationships notwithstanding, lol). For instance, I'm very close with both my parents and my one living grandmother. My best friends Top, Bad, and Lion I have known for a total of 53 years between the three of them. But the past couple of weeks have been rough. Since I decided to withdraw from medical school, most of the people around me who I keep close have had something other than positive reactions.

I knew this would happen, but I didn't know that it would make me not want to be around them so much. So I went out of my way to make new friends at the job fair. People who could comiserate with me about the job search and not be so wrapped up in the life I was leading 3 weeks ago.

And then there's PT. He isn't emotinally attached to my future like my parents and my friends (and apparently everyone I go to church with too). He's just him. He's supporting me emotionally right now. Not holding me up because I can't stand on my own, but he's there for me to let me vent and to crack a joke to make me laugh. He's the only who accepts my explanation of "I just don't want to be a doctor anymore" for what it is. He's not thinking to himself, "well, I know her and there has to me more to the story" like everyone else is. I'm so grateful for that.

I'm also grateful for the people I've met while blogging. You all don't know me. You're getting to know me, but there's still the element of being strangers. Yet you all support me and what I'm trying to do with my life. That really means a lot to me to know there are people out there who accept what I have done without judgement or without the tint of how it affects them hanging over the whole situation. So thank you, fellow bloggers, for making me feel like a real person who made a real decision, who's life it is her own to lead.

5 New Hypotheses:

I understand the not wanting to anymore. I'm quite possibly one of the most laid back and accepting people you could ever meet.
When you do thing out of your perceived character people tend to show their true colors... they're friends until you do something different.
Have fun with wherever your life takes you! (that's one of the secrets of life)


Well those people who were upset just want whats best for you. The problem is they want what THEY think is best for YOU. They aren't trying to be malicious.

Good luck though and the blog world is very supportive.


@ The Savage: I always try to make the most of situations, and life in general. It's good advice to give people definitely.

@ SilverNeurotic: You're so sweet!

@ Southern Sage: They are so used to me never making mistakes unless it's a huge mistake. Seriously, one of the last two memorable mistakes I made were 5 years ago when I learned the hard way what speed one should drive an SUV around a corner. The other was 10 years ago when I learned that buying make-up was a better idea than stealing it. I guess I'm on par for my every five years. Except I don't feel like this was a mistake. That's mostly the parents who feel that way.

Oh, and I should have added Jordan (Bad's girlfriend) to the list of people who haven't given me a hard time about this decision. She's in the PT category of not being emotionally invested yet in my future.


Well most mistakes are not as readily apparent as the two you mentioned. I suspect if you have a plan and stick to it it will work out well in the end. It does seem to me though throughout ones like they tend to look back on decisions like this one and wonder if they made the right one. The best you can do is make the best decision you can with the information you have available then feel sure enough in yourself that you have made the proper one.

Easier sad than done though.

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