Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Barbie Dolls

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Barbie dolls are something every girl I knew growing up had. Even the really poor girls who didn't have grandmothers to buy for them managed to pick one up at a birthday party door prize. But Barbie was so different when I was a child. She had an RV, a Red Corvette (with seatbelts), a horse, and her dream house only had about 6 rooms, but it did have an elevator (cue oohs and ahhs)!!

Over the years, that chick has come up. Ken stopped looking less sexually ambiguous. She got a job (several jobs actually, but more on that later). She got younger siblings. She got more car options. She got a freaking plane!! Her horse got a stable. Her dreamhouse had ten rooms and a pool. She really became quite something.

I first noticed my bitter response when walking through Kay-Bee toys and seeing all the wonderful Barbie options that weren't even available to me as a child. I wasn't just rueful, I was outright hostile. Certainly hostile enough to use words like, "I can't believe this bitch has all this stuff. Barbie has a beach house!! In my day she had a damn RV! What the hell?!" Or something like that. The point was there were small children around and I still said it. Can you tell I was bothered by this...? Moving on.

Barbie's new job opportunities went far and above her options in the 80s. No more Flight Attendant Barbie. Now we had doctor Barbie, Lawyer Barbie, Fashion Designer Barbie, Pet Doctor Barbie. And many more, those were just my favorites. She was doing big things for women!

About the only thing I'm glad stayed the same about Barbie is her Holiday wear. I'm so into traditional American holidays, it's not even funny. And since my mother still collects Barbies, I get to spend a part of each December hunting down the rare African-American Holiday Barbie for that year. And there have been some fabulous dolls believe me.

4 New Hypotheses:

Wow. What a CONTRAST from MY blog, lol !

Thanks for becoming a new Heff's Bar and Grill member !


Okay, I am WAY behind the times with Barbie. Next time I'm in a toystore, I'll have to wander down the Barbie aisle.


@ Heff: Hey, yeah, our blogs are pretty different. I need to up the funny level of mine. I like funny blogs and I wanna be a part of that!

@ SilverNeurotic: You don't have to be in a toystore. Wal-Mart & Target have pretty big toy sections. But be prepared, all the dolls besides Barbie are dressed like total sluts.


OMG. I had the biggest Barbie collection EVER. My grandma used to even sew clothes for my dolls b/c we couldn't afford to keep all my dolls in clothes! I was a Barbie hoarder *hang head in shame*.

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