Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I was supposed to go back to Rockford days ago. I stuck around cause PT asked me to so we could actually go out into the world (that pizza was soooooo good!). I'm still here in Chicago because since I stayed til Friday, I figured I might as well stay until Monday so I can spend Mother's Day with my mom.

Usually we make a big deal about Mother's Day. I'm talking 3-8 course meals, diamonds, trips, and of course flowers cards and candy. The only thing we did this year was the flowers, cards, and candy. My mother likes roses. She got roses. My mother likes cards, she got lots of those. My mother likes jelly beans, so we got her that instead of chocolate. And she mentioned that she might want a cake and I was going to surprise her with one but since she mentioned it too, I figured I might as well just ask what kind of cake she wanted. We ended up with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins in the shape of a pink purse. Should be good.

She said she wanted a low key day, so my dad decided to make steaks. My mother is the only one in our family who doesn't salivate at the thought of steak, so she decided she wanted Popeye's Chicken. And the fried chicken from there is good. But I knew that in a black neighborhood on the south side of Chicago on a Sunday that happened to be Mother's Day, we would be at that place for thirty minutes before we even had a chance of receiving our order.

But it was Mother's Day, so off we went in search of chicken. The first Popeye's we went to wasn't good enough. We had just walked in the door when my mother decided she didn't like the way the place smelled. So we left. The other Popeye's we went to was better (and closer to home), but while we were there, there was an accident in the parking lot. Apparently someone in a rental truck hit another car and the building and tried to drive off. Unfortunately, the traffic is so heavy at that intersection that it took them a while to get out to the street. So long did it take them that the manager of the Popeye's had time to call the district manager and report the license plate number of the truck that was making the world's slowest getaway. It was actually quite funny.

So far, it's been a lovely Mother's Day and I'm glad I stayed here. The only down part was when my mother talked about how happy she is and the only thing that would make her happy is if I got married and went back to medical school. Still taking that one say at a time...

How are you all spending your Mother's Day?

4 New Hypotheses:

Oh I love me some yard bird from Popeyes! I actually did that for a HNT pic once.

That is some good action right there and their Jalapenos are always hot too.

Glad you had a big day with your momma.


My mom and three out of four of us kids had to work so we'll probably end up doing family bonding tomorrow. I got my mom flowers for outside (the type that hangs) and I'm really hoping that they survive. A few years ago I gave Mom a similar present and the flowers died for some reason.


@ Southern Sage: I can't even imagine how a Popeye's HNT pic would look... Unless you meant being a yard bird... But even then... Hmmm, I need more imagination. I've just decided.

@ SilverNeurotic: I would love to buy my mother a flower plant instead of a vase of roses. But it never ends well. She kills fish, plants, sea monkey aquariums (okay not the last one, lol). But a plant would be a lovely idea for my father for next month.

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