Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Mom Is Worse Than My Dad

I mentioned in a previous post that my father called me a dropout and that it pissed me off. Well, it turns out both of my parents are willfully ignoring what I tell them. They heard "leaving medical school" and fucking stopped listening.

My father was surprised to learn that there was an actual process to withdrawing from medical school and no, I didn't just stop going to class one day. Even though I've explained to him, three times now what the process entailed.

Oh, but my mother is even worse. I was out to dinner tonight with my parents and some close family friends (the husband and wife) for the wife's birthday. They started talking about how I could apply for a job at my dad's workplace or the wife's workplace because they both have positions for chemists. My mother says, "Oh, that's right you did get a chemistry degree!"

I just about had a bitch fit. She said it like it had genuinely slipped her mind that I had accomplished something in life. Apparently, deciding to not be a doctor can wipe out your mother's memory of you ever having graduated from college, magna cum laude, no less. Hopefully she remembers I graduated from high school.

And all these suggestions of what kinds of jobs I could apply for would be appreciated by me if they were genuine. These assholes (yes, I just called my parents assholes) have no actual interest in what my plans are. They're suggesting things because they seem to be under the misguided impression that I want to sit on my ass all day and enjoy the world of no responsibility for a while. Or that I'll need nepotism to even get a job.

If they had ever bothered to listen when I was explaining my 6 month, 12 month, 18 months, and five year plan, they would know what suggestions to offer. But they're offering up these bullshit ass suggestions, not even half expecting me to take them. They're only doing it so they can have something to fall back on because they expect to have to give me a talk in six months about "where my life is going."

I would bet half the money I owe the government in student loans that not one of the four of them can even explain the type of jobs I've been applying for, how many man hours I've put into developing my resume, what my plan is to further my education, or how I intend to accomplish my current goals. It's so unfair for these people to tell me in one breath that it's okay that I've made this big change in my life, only to have every single action they make expose their lies. The good news is I've never been afraid of hard work and everything I've done up til now I've done because of work I put in (not anyone else). I just have to get used to this new thing where they don't actually care what my goals are.

3 New Hypotheses:

My mother is rarely happy with anything I do, she's just totally clueless about who I am, what I do, and what I want to do.


I don't get parents sometimes. I really do think they grow an extra ear membrane that filters out what is truly happening from what they think is happening. I know this is trite, but remember you are doing this for yourself and what's best for you, and that decision process (as much as they hate to hear it) has nothing whatsoever to do with them! Break a leg!


Silverneurotic: that sucks that your mom is rarely happy with anything you do. It's probably under the banner of she "just wants what's best for you". But what is it about changing times that renders some parents incapable of understanding what's best??

I guess we'll see what happens and how we behave when we have children of our own...

Kerri & Shaun: Thanks for the well wishes. I hope it goes well today!

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