Friday, May 7, 2010

My First Friday Fill In!

So, in an effort to branch out into the blog community, I've picked up a few things from other blogs. This one is Friday Fill-Ins. Check it out and maybe put it on your own blog!

1. Salsa and guacamole are my two new favorite things to make in my Magic Bullet.

2. Wow, look at that hamburger! I see ketchup, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, hot sauce and you've even got mustard.

3. By the time I get home ,I will have totally overstayed my welcome at my parents' house in Chicago.

4. Getting free samples of alcohol in that grocery store downtown on State Street is what I look forward to most when grocery shopping.

5. And I was dreaming that I had actually found a job and wouldn't have to resort to opening a wilderness store.

6. Falling asleep in the arms of someone you care there anything else better?!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on all the shows I've missed on ABC, tomorrow my plans include maybe finally going back to Rockford and Sunday, I want to apply for more jobs! Did I mention I need a job?

5 New Hypotheses:

you are so like my younger sister. if there's a free sample section in any grocery she would surely find it :P

here from FFI and became a follower of yours already! woot!


Hey girl make me 3 of those burgers, they sound good to me!


@ K: Thanks for following. I think I'd like your sister. It's hard to find those people in the stores, it's like they're hiding sometimes.

@ Southern Sage: 3 burgers!! Actually, that sounds good...


Lol! I understand. One of my nicknames in college was Fat Kid. I was a fat kid deep down in my heart. I weighed 120 soaking wet, but could eat as much as my friend who had a foot of height and 100 pounds of weight on me. But in my defense, I was usually cooking the food, and I love my cooking!

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