Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: A Review Of The Movie The Losers

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This is a movie I did not want to see. I saw the trailer and decided it had too much violence and not enough plot. I loved every single main character in the movie and knew they'd each be believable in their roles. And still I had no desire to pay money to see this movie.
This is a big deal coming from me. I spend damn near $100 a month on average seeing movies (don't get me started on the hundreds I spent going to see he Dark Knight ten times). So to not want to see a movie, I must be convinced it's going to be a special kind of suck. But I was cajoled into seeing it by Bad when we decided to go to the movies and it was the only one we could agree on. I only agreed because he promised me the violence wasn't so bad and that the movie did indeed have a plot.
That being said, I really loved this movie!! Seriously, it was awesome. It was very violent, but no blood. Don't ask me why it's okay for someone to bleed profusely in my emergency room, but not on the big screen, I don't know. But I can deal with all types violence if there's no blood.
And the movie had a real plot! With an evil CIA mastermind effectively ending the main characters' lives as they knew it, they set off on a journey with the mysterious woman, played by Zoe Saldana, to right all the wrongs.
There were a few predictable parts. SPOILER ALERT. Such as, duh of course she's the bad guy's daughter. She looks just like him!
I found myself imagining I was her and deciding which of the men I was going to sleep with. How does one choose between Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, and Chris Evans? I wouldn't have been able to.
My Favorite Things About The Losers: 1) It didn't get too campy as movies based on comic books can end up (Spider Man trilogy, I'm looking at you) 2) Columbus Short's comedic timing is improving, making him even more attractive. What woman doesn't love funny? 3) The fight scenes were exciting and hot! Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Zoe Saldana burning down a building will turn anyone, and I mean anyone on.

My Least Favorite Things About Bounty Hunter: 1) The evil person was just too evil. It doesn't make sense that people would get involved with him. Throwing people off buildings should be a good enough reason to cut ties, that's all I'm saying. 2) The trailer for the movie was just awful. It didn't fit the movie. It billed it as a plotless action movie when it should've been billed as a lesser known (by the general public) comic book come to life with sexy people you can't tear your eyes away from. There's no need for such talented people to not gain a bigger audience. I blame the trailer. 3) Idris Elba's character disappointed me. I just... I know the character had to be that way, but it doesn't change my emotional response to Idris Elba being that way.

Final Rank: 5/5 This movie had everything in it that I was looking for. I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it: the characters, the settings, the plot, and the acting. Plus, it helps that I like movies that: blow things up; are comic books come to life; have lots of sexy people in it; have a villain that is over the top; have a plot that is reasonable even when far-fetched. If you've considered this movie but decided against it, please ignore the trailer and go see it anyway.

3 New Hypotheses:

It's sooo good. Go see it. I don't know where you live, but it's been out for a while and should be in the dollar show or for a reduced price soon.

Whenever there's a movie I consider seeing but don't know enough about to pay full price, I just wait until it's at the dollar show.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan - all the way. Also, The Dark Knight was seriously one of the best movies ever. Heath Ledger completely knocked it out of the park for me.

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