Friday, May 7, 2010

Friends & Family Fridays

So this is Friends & Family Friday!! This is my day to talk more about my friends and family (aside from sharing waaay too much about their love lives on my other blog, lol). My friends and family are lovely people, that much I know for sure. Have fun getting to know them through my eyes.

This post is about my girl who I refer to as Top in my blogs. I talk about her a lot in my blog. She's my only best female friend (I have three in total, the other two are male) and she's super special. She just moved to NYC back in October and is really doing the independent woman thing. Seriously, she's not even dating right now. But she is making moves and really building a life for herself.

When she decided to upend her life and move from Chicago to New York, her parents weren't very pleased. They didn't like the idea of their daughter being so far away. I really didn't get that since she and I both were down in Florida for college, but whatever.

She was so brave when she moved because she didn't have a job or a prospect of one. But she gathered her things and went anyway. She was able to do this because she had been working all through undergrad and grad school and had quite a bit of money saved up. She gave herself six months to make it happen. Literally about a week before it was time to seriously consider packing up and going back to Chicago, she got three job offers. The first was pretty good, but not really in the area she saw herself working in. The second was better, more opportunities for growth, bigger challenges, more money, etc. The third job asked her what the second job offered and promised to top it! She ended up with the second job. Through a logical/emotional consideration of a number of factors, it really seemed to be the best option. I was on the phone with her for about two and a half hours one night talking out the decision with her.

And she is doing the AIDS walk when it comes to New York this month. She's started yoga classes and salsa classes. With the exception of the slutty behavior, she is well on her way to becoming one of those fabulous women who would be a character on Sex and the City (I apologize for the constant SATC mentions. I'll be better after the movies comes out, I promise). She's also making time to work on her hobbies which are photography and guitar.

This post is not leading to a point, if you were expecting one, except that Top is awesome and she is totally the best type of woman one could hope to be in their mid-20s.

3 New Hypotheses:

That takes a lot of guts to do for your friend! It takes a special person to be able to say "This is what I need" and then actually to go through with it (it sounds like you and her are very similar)


@ Kerri & Shaun: She is a special person. We're very different people, but we do have in common a drive to be our own people.

@ ebony panther: I think she's pretty cool, I'm glad you do too!

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