Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

If you've looked at my other blog posts with Stream of Consciousness tags, you know there's no rhyme or reason, I just write as things come to mind. There's no particular order to the blog posting.

I just got back from an overnight stay at Bad's new apartment. It's a lovely apartment in a lovely building on Chicago's South Side. We used to call it the low end when I was younger, but I haven't heard anyone use that phrase in a while. But it's so close to everything! It's close to downtown, the Lake, his job that is slightly further south, and the major intersection of al lthe major highways. He did good.

We went to Grand Lux Cafe and got some fresh made beignets and a blow up mattress from Target. I felt like being back in college and helping a friend celebrate their first real apartment. Bad has had real apartments before, but this one feels different. Probably because it's not near where college students live, he's paying for it with money earned on salary, and Jordan is moving in with him soon. It's so exciting.

Oh, there's a great story about the beignets. We ordered them in advance since we were at Vintage 338 and Grand Lux was closing soon. When we drove there to get them, I go up to the upstairs counter, only to be told the beignets had "gone missing." That basically meant they gave them to someone else who neglected to order them in advance.

The manager comes over to profusely apologize for this "very unprofessional" situation. He then offers to make some more fresh, and for the incovenience of keeping me waiting for up to ten minutes, they'll be on the house. I was like, fuck yeah! Lol, I didn't say that. I just smiled graciously and said, "that works for me."

Then this guy from the kitchen comes up to me about five minutes later and says, "Hey, pretty lady. The beignets will be ready in about 4 minutes." They apparently put the order in ahead of whatever other desserts they were making. They packaged them up for me and gave them to me free of charge. That was such a nice thing to happen. It just brightened my night. I wasn't in the best of moods because my father called me a drop out yesterday.

I don't want to get into the dirty details, but he was a drop out. I am not a drop out. It took him damn near 20 years to get a college degree since one day in the late seventies he just stopped going to class. That's what a drop out does. I withdrew. There's a process to withdraw. I didn't just quit. But either way, the free beignets helped. :)

6 New Hypotheses:

Your dad will come around. It just takes men longer to process news like that. ;)

And those free beignets were a nice surprise.


I hope you're right. I just would've preferred my parents had a bad reaction up front instead of this delayed reaction shit.

And those beignets were awesome! I already loved Grand Lux Cafe, but they've earned even more customer loyalty.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who just writes about random stuff in my blog. :) Hope you have a great Saturday!

Oh, and yes I did change my blog template. :)


Nah, you're not the only one. I like the randomness, you get to really see people's personalities when they go all quirky on you, you know? And I feel like blogger is sort of a community, at least I see a lot of the same faces popping up on certain blogs I follow, and it's the random blogs that let you see a person best. At least I think so.


Is it bad that I have no clue what the Fandango you are talking about ordering and eating? I will google it though and find out. I would have prolly said fuck yeah but then again they prolly wouldn't have offered me free stuff as readily as they did a pretty female.

Your dad knows what he went trough as a "drop out" or how his life was different because he didn't finish the first time. So he probably isn't mad really maybe he is just disappointed you "dropped out" because he knows/thinks you will regret that later like he did.

It's what parents do. They react because they know when they did such a thing how it turned out for them and they don't want you to make those same mistakes.

He still shouldn't have called you a drop out,he should have discussed your plans with you and tried to help.


I was just talking to a friend of mine about how things are so different for us compared to when our parents were our age. We aren't married, have no children, and have many options (and definitions) for success. That just wasn't the reality for my parents back in the late 70s/early 80s. I don't need them to understand, I just need them to stop lying about caring about what I'm trying to do now. It's getting frustrating having the same conversation with them when they clearly aren't listening.

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