Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In My 20s Tuesday!!

In My 20s Tuesday is all about things that should matter (maybe) to someone in their 20s. It's about life as we head into real adulthood. It's about laying the groudwork for a life: starting a career, setting up a home, starting a life with someone, etc. It's about things that will affect our lives down the road: politics, current events, pop culture, etc. Well, it's not about all those things at once (that'd be near impossible, lol). But hopefully it will reach someone in their 20s who's looking for someone to feel them and what they're going through. Here goes!

This post is about the job fair I went to yesterday. It was hectic. I spoke with a woman who had been to the fair before. She said there were almost twice as many companies there offering jobs, but almost five times as many people there applying for them. This job market is crazy. I knew that from talking to Top and Bad about their job searches. But damn! I picked quite the time to stop being a student. I still don't regret my decision, but I certainly didn't make it easy on myself.
This fair was very interesting. I've been sure that I want to do clinical research with a university or hospital. But this fair was a chance to see if I could go industry and do laboratory work. There were a number of pharmaceutical companies there with some amazing job offers. If I could start at $23.80 an hour, that would be more than enough for me to make sure I never have to live with my parents.
I think people in their 20s who are looking for jobs can understand that battle. It's so hard to figure out exactly where I want to start. I suppose it'd be easier to wait until I have job offers before I consider if I want to go academic, clinical, or industry. Either way will be an interesting route...
But one more thing about this job fair: It was the most diverse group of people I've ever seen in one place in my life. Every race, ethnicity, sex, age, religion, etc. was represented, and in comparable numbers. There were about 1,000 people there, so there was stiff competition for every job available. But I'm excited about the future of science and biotechnology if they really are pooling resources from all over.

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There aren't very many professional jobs around here, every job fair I've attended have been for jobs that barely require a h.s. diploma.

I have a B.A. in Psychology. I didn't go for my masters for several reasons (money, lack of interest, no desire to sit for the GRE's). I am going back to school in Sept, for a second bachelors in a different field, but in the meantime, I just had to accept a job at a grocery store. It's pretty depressing that I spent all that time in class, working my ass off when I wasn't in class so I could pay for school...to graduate and find out that that very expensive piece of paper means absolutely NOTHING in the job market.


@ silverneurotic: that sucks that you can't find something that uses your degree. It seems I'll only be using my degree if I teach or do research. So research it is...

@ southern sage: Me too! It'll be about 2-4 weeks most people said before I hear back about anything.


Hey! Thanks for your comment on my guest post at P's. When Harry met Sally is SUCH a great movie! Glad you enjoyed it (and the ref!)


Job hunting in my 20s was easy. There were jobs everywhere. You could literally get fired or quit and be employed by noon the next day.
I have luckily found a career (I don't use the term job for where I'm at now anymore as I love it there so much).
Time's have changed and now you have to market yourself. You have to be cocky in your attitude when you interview. Be all, Oh yeah, I can do that....


@Kirsty: I did like the guest post so I will check out your blog. I'm sure I'll love it.

@Savage: If your 20s was sometime around 8-10 years ago, then I do remember how easy it was for everyone to have their pick of jobs.

I'm actually having a difficult time because I don't want just a job. I have to have something that starts a career because I will not deal with listening to everyone who's soooo disappointed in me tell me what a bad decision I clearly made because I left school only to work at McDonald's or the Gap.

No offense to anyone who works those jobs or has made a career out of it. There's nothing wrong with working at or making a career out of either business. It's just that neither of thos jobs would make a good use of my degree and if I don't do something even remotely related to Biochemistry I'll never hear the end of it. Also, I want to use my degree.

I have a little bit of wiggle room because I have very few responsibilities (no kids, no husband, no mortgage, etc.).


Best of luck CeCe! I always liked job fairs - I liked being able to check out the people representing the companies, it seemed easier to make decisions on where to apply that way.


Oh that's something I hadn't even realized that made an impact on me. I was closely looking at the companies representatives. I was looking for whether they were happy looking, well groomed, friendly, knowledgeable, etc. It made a big impression on my opinion of the companies overall.

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