Sunday, May 16, 2010

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

So, I think I mention it often enough, but for anybody new to this blog, I've recently withdrawn from medical school because I no longer want to be a doctor. It wasn't a matter of I couldn't do it. It was a matter of I didn't want to do it anymore. I've decided I'm going to try and be a research scientist in clinical medicine. It's one thing I picked up in medical school that I want to hold onto.

That being said, people in my life have had mixed reactions to this. Today is Sunday and that means I'm going to church to hear, for the third week in a row from people who are just finding out what I've done, how disappointed they are in me. People who became so emotionally invested in my future they can't even bother to ask how I feel about it or what my plans are for my future or why I even made the decision. It's funny to me because I didn't realize people were so invested. Where were the signs of this investment? I didn't get any help with tuition, I didn't get any care packages stuffed with cookies and sweet notes, and I didn't get anything else one could imagine except people prematurely calling me doctor. I guess I showed them...

So, how am I killing two birds with one stone? It unfortunately doesn't involve causing these people who don't seem to be concerned for me bodily harm. Nope, I'm instead making myself more productive whilst avoiding my fellow church members.

A close family friend who runs the Children's Church has asked me to become a full-time volunteer. I'm more than happy to oblige because I get to do more volunteering and helping out, which I love. And I get to avoid the main church sanctuary. I don't know if she'll want me there every week, but I know at least tomorrow, I'll have a reprieve from hearing what a disappointment I am.

3 New Hypotheses:

Let me get this straight. People are disappointed in you because you want to be a reseach scientist & not a regular doctor? Wow. Some disappointment. Go for your dream, no matter what it is. I'm proud of you.


That's not fun or nice, or actually very church-like in my opinion. It boils down to it's your life, and you only get one pass - so you need to be happy and satisfied. Med school wasn't doing that for you, so you def made the right decision.


@ ebony panther: Lol, I know right? I'm such a fucking disappointment. My father told me I'm not reaching my full potential. So basically I'm not amounting to my full worth. He didn't say I was worthless, just that I'm worth less than I should be.

@ Kerri & Shaun: It's not church-like at all. But after having been at church yesterday, I see the difference in behavior from people who heard about this from me versus my parents. I really have to wonder what the hell they've been telling people...

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