Friday, June 3, 2011

Gonna Get Married, But There's More To My Life, Part 2

This post will be all about #2 since I've already covered #1. #3 will be covered tomorrow I think. 1. Men I used to date who still don't know I'm engaged yet. 2. Looking for an apartment. 3. Settling into this new job and the financial situation that goes along with it.

2. I need to find an apartment. Both my parents and Easy's parents have expressed that they are okay (more or less) with the idea of us living together even before we're officially husband and wife.

But where do we live? Hyde Park is more appealing than it's ever been before because my friends Bada and Jordan just moved there and I love their place. Easy would like to live in Hyde Park.

There's also Wicker Park, which I love and which we can afford. There are other neighborhoods, but there's a lot to consider.

Living somewhere that's convenient for me to travel to and from work is important, but also if it's near where Easy has most of his gigs.

Being close, but not too close, to our family and friends would also be nice. Both of our churches are far south as well, so that's a consideration.

Ranking importance between finance, friends, family, work, and religion isn't easy. Plus, we have slightly different priorities when finding an apartment. I want windows, in-unit laundry, and 2 bedrooms. Easy wants practice space, artsy neighbors, and affordability. Those are not in-sync priorities, though they're not necessarily out of sync either.

If we could just pick a leasing company or brokering company, we could start finding places and go from there. But finding the time to do that is easier said than done. I just feel like we're running out of time to find an apartment with a July 1st lease.

I will feel supremely better once we start looking at places and know we can find a place that we would love and afford.

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