Friday, June 24, 2011

This Is Not A Wedding-Related Post

Yes, it is. I lied. Well, not really. Just a quick thing about the wedding, and then on to another topic.

I have personally designed our save the dates, engagement party invites, etc. And it only took me two nights of free time at work. This has given me the confidence to feel like I could save hundreds of dollars by designing our invitation suite myself. Want to see our STDs? I promise I'll stop with the immature jokes. After July. When our STDs are gone. Okay, I'm done now for real.

I think they're perfect. They're fun and casual, like an STD should be (lol, sorry), but they're also setting the tone for the rest of our wedding mailings. And they feature some of my favorites of our engagement photos.
Okay, moving on from wedding stuff. I read a new blog today that I want to plug. It's pretty awesome. It's called Colorful Rants of A Sista. It's written by thundercat. She's hilarious and irreverent. And you should read her blog. But not at work.

Thank God for Google reader so my supervisor doesn't have to see that day-glow blog covered in curse words on my screen at work. But I digress.

Tomorrow morning is when I begin moving my stuff into my new apartment. I'm super excited. Easy won't be there since he got a last minute gig at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival.

It was a great opportunity, so of course he had to go. I really encouraged it,even though it wasn't my decision to make. I'm marrying a may-an, not a puppet.

But he'll be back late Friday night and we'll spend our first night in our first apartment. It's a huge relationship first and I'm super excited. Really reeeeallly excited. Wish me luck that the move goes well.

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