Monday, June 13, 2011

Making Adjustments

I've made a couple adjustments recently to handle all that's going on in my new life. They're all over the spectrum, so I have no great introduction. I'm just going to jump right in.

1. Missing sleep for various reasons
When I leave work at 7 am, I'd like nothing more than to go right to sleep. That almost never happens.

There's always something. Between Easy's mother, my mother, my friends, etc., there's always something to do. There's a conversation to be had or plans and obligations to fulfill.

Easy is starting to get really upset at people for not being considerate of my need to actually sleep during the day. I don't want him to worry, but I appreciate that he worries. Also, he gets the brunt of my crankiness when I'm sleepy, so he's also got the most vested interest in me getting rest, ha ha.

But I'm hoping to come up with a plan to get sleep and do favors after that. If anyone has suggestions short of asking people to stop needing me (which I don't want to do), let me know.

2. Thinking about more than just what I want
I am kind of indecisive and there are a lot of things that I don't have strong opinions on (okay not a lot, but there are some). The point is, I don't do so well with stressing what I want when it concerns more than me.

Easy really encourages me to focus on what I want and to not be over-accommodating. My friends Top and Bad have been encouraging that for a while.

Planning this wedding is starting to make that really sink in for me. I still have decisions to make that are heavily influenced by what others might want, but some decisions are all my own. Our wedding colors will be a group decision with my vote counting the least (even though I have the "final say"). But my wedding dress will be my choice even if everyone else hates what I pick.

Baby steps, CeCe, baby steps.

3. Adjusting diet to suit metabolic needs
My job is now a sedentary job. I spend 14 hours a day basically sitting down and moving only minimally. I work a 12 hour shift and it's an hour to and from work.

And when I get sleepy, the only thing that keeps me up is caffeine or food. I can't drink coffee all day because I will be completely on edge. So I eat. And I eat. I've magically not gained a single pound, but I'm only 3 weeks in.

I'm worried that one day I'm going to suddenly jump up 10 pounds. It doesn't happen that suddenly, but unexpected and unnoticeable-until-it's-already-happened weight gain has happened to me before.

We moved forward on getting our apartment sooner than expected, so the money I thought I'd have to get back on the exercise bandwagon won't be there until next month probably.

I could work out at my job's workout facility, but 7 am just doesn't work for me, plus being in this building an extra hour isn't really my thing. I want to go back to yoga and ballroom dancing and rock climbing. I want to not turn into a fat ass.

Basically, I have noticed some things about myself that are requiring adjustment as my life changes. I just hope I'm able to handle the adjustments because the last thing I want to do is be a capitulating sleepy fatty.

4 New Hypotheses:

When I worked night shifts, I'd come home and after a quick hello to my parents, I'd go straight to bed. By 8am I was in bed, sleeping. I think you really need to let everyone know that between the hours of x and x you on the days that you work you will be asleep. Sleep needs to come first, no exceptions.


I wish that were an option. But Easy truly understands why I need to sleep. So the last handful of days I've had to work, I go to his parents' house to sleep. But once we move into our apartment next Friday, it won't be a problem anymore!


Oh we all have those. I have strong opinions about most things that, according to me, count more, but then ask me which chocolate I want and I won't care or ask someone else to decide for me. To me it's just not that important as say, which book to buy.

WRT your job, I have to advise that you get up every 20 or 30 minutes (tops!). Go get some water, go to the loo, stretch (google desktop yoga or stretching or such), anything just to get the blood moving. I found that that really keeps you energised. ALSO - take a bag with you, fill it with apples, bananas, raisins, juice, water, anything that you like. That way, when you do have to nibble due to boredom, you have something that available that is at least healthy. Be prepared.

Good luck.


Getting up used to be a priority before I was tethered to the desk with my headphones. Once we're done training, I'll have a cordless phone and will be able to roam better.
My snacks are an unfortunate mix of healthy and un-healthy. But when I want something sweet, it will be a much better idea to begin having fruit around instead of, ahem, Skittles.

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