Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have Some Great News!

I'm engaged!

Easy proposed to me on Sunday night! He managed to surprise me in spite of the fact that we've been talking about weddings and marriage and engagement for longer than we've even been officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

What can I say? We're rebels. We do what we want.

The ring is beautiful. It is a pink sapphire with diamonds around it and pave diamonds on the band. It's white gold and just fantastic. At some point, I'll put up pictures of it.

I'm contemplating whether I want to start a separate wedding blog or just write about it here. I would love to be a Bee for, so if that happens, I'll just blog there and link to the posts here.

I'm sure you want to know the basics of our engagement, so I'll recap. Easy came home for Memorial Day weekend. He took my father out to brunch Sunday, seemingly obviously to ask for my hand in marriage.

We had plans to hang out the whole rest of the day. Easy told me he was too nervous to ask my father, but that they'd scheduled another time to go out and talk. I was disappointed, but not worried cause they have a great relationship and I figured that gave him more time to get the ring and not have too much pressure on him.

We went to a barbeque his cousin threw and then headed back to my parents' house. We were supposed to go out for drinks with friends, but I was so tired, I just wanted to go home. Plus I was sleepy and still a bit hungry.

For Easy and me, that means we're going to get into an argument. But even though I was sleepy and we were irritated with each other, before he drove off, I asked him to wait. I gathered my things and headed back to the car. I told him I was going to rally and we were going to go have drinks with our friends.

He hugged me and kissed me and told me how much he loved me and that he didn't want to fight anymore. While we were hugging, he asked me to marry him. His exact words were, "will you marry me?" I said, "yes I'll marry you baby."

I said it nonchalantly because Easy asks me to marry him about twice a month. But then he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I was flabbergasted and exclaimed, "Oh wow! You mean it this time!" Then he said a bunch more sweet things that I don't remember because I was so surprised and amazed and overwhelmed.

There was kissing and hugging and I-love-yous. He put the ring on my finger and it was gorgeous! It was exactly what I wanted. He had it made to look like a combo of three different rings that I loved. He did good.

We went to have drinks with our friends. These are the friends whose wedding we met at last July. They were the first people we told. Neither of us really wanted to spend time calling a whole bunch of people and have to talk about what just happened. We just wanted to enjoy the moment.

After we hung out with our friends, we came back home and woke up my parents to tell them. Then we went to his parents house and fell right asleep. We woke up in the morning and told his parents we were engaged. Everyone was so excited!

I know I've been using a lot of exclamation marks, I'm just so happy.

We've hammered out a couple of details so far, but we have so much to do in just 8 1/2 months. Yes, we've set a date. Saturday, February 11, 2012. We know our colors will basically be gray and blue, specifically cobalt blue, dove gray, and pewter. We know we want our rehearsal dinner at Quartino's on State Street in downtown Chicago.

We know who we want our wedding party to be. We know we want both of our pastors officiating the wedding. And I don't want to get married in a church, so I'm searching for venues around Chicago that I can have the ceremony and reception at all in one place.

That's all for now. I have a lot to do in not a lot of time, but aside from making calls to important people to tell them the news, I've been just basking in the joy of being engaged!

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