Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pandora Radio Is My New Best Friend

I've recently started listening to Pandora Radio my entire shift at work. I only stop it when my phone rings and I'm taking/making phone calls. I take my work very seriously, but when I'm not working, I'm jamming to music.

My favorite channels are my Michael Jackson channel, Neil Diamond channel, and Tony!Toni!Tone! channel. It's having a personal DJ and it's awesome.

I don't know why I never used this so much before. Actually I do know.

Before, I had a laptop and therefore used iTunes. I had most of the music I liked to listen to regularly. But things are different now as I spend 12 hours a day in the office.

Also, we eat at our desks. That's a lot of chewing to listen to. And some of my co-workers like talking with food in their mouths. The music helps drown all that out.

But how do I love Pandora? Let me count the ways. Oh wait, I just did.

Do you love Pandora? What are your favorite channels?

And also, should I go ahead and get Pandora One? Are the commercials really that bad?

2 New Hypotheses:

Pandora One is worth it, considering you only have 40 hours of listening a month. So after that time is up you either have to pay for the remainder of the month or find another program. I had it last year and I liked it-though, I won't be renewing because right now, I have to need for it.

Another option, Amazon offers a cloud player where you can upload your music at home, and access it on another computer. The drawback, you only get 5mb of free space though, they will automatically upgrade if you buy a digital album through Amazon (which, if you look around, they have some good ones at really good prices).


I'm going to look into those options. I didn't know that Pandora only allowed 40 hours of listening. I've got to be reaching my free limit soon. But I'll definitely need something because these 12 hour work shifts are long without some form of entertainment.

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