Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wishing I Could Exercise

I wouldn't change anything about the last few weeks of my life. A lot has happened.

I got engaged. I started a new job. I signed a lease for an apartment. All of that makes for a very busy CeCe.

I don't have a whole bunch of free time that isn't taken up by working/sleeping, wedding planning, supporting Easy's music, and making time for my amazing friends and family.

Not having free time means not exercising. Being healthy is a priority, but the mechanics of it are not. I'm worried because my job is sedentary. I have visions of myself waking up in 6 months to discover that I've gained 20 pounds back and therefore can't fit into my perfect wedding dress.

I had plans of working out in the facilities at my job, but I spend my breaks blogging and working out after a 12 hour shift just doesn't sit right with me emotionally. I know, I know, drama!

So I need a new plan. I've been dying to get back to yoga and rock climbing and ballroom dancing. Paying for those things in advance will guarantee that I'll make the time to go. But they aren't in the budget yet.

First, I have to get back on track with my student loans. And I have to make a budget with Easy for how we're going to coordinate all of our new bills.

Then I have to get a new laptop, and of course, lots of money needs to be saved for NYC. And then there's helping to pay for wedding stuff.

Basically, my plans for exercising aren't really coming together like I wish they could. But writing this post is giving me a kick in the butt because I hate identifying a problem and not fixing it.

I've just decided that once we move in, Easy and I will go running together like we used to when I would visit him in St. Louis. As long as we can find time in our schedules, I think it would be great for both of us to get more active again. I hope he likes the idea. And I hope my anxiety over this soon subsides.

2 New Hypotheses:

I'm thinking of asking my parents for a gym membership for my birthday (a week from tomorrow). I really want to start going but all the gyms here are SO expensive that I just can't afford them...I think my mom will go for that though as she's the one who mentioned that I should start going.


That would be a great bday gift, as long as it was a year-long membership. I hope she said it nicely that she thought you should start going to the gym.

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