Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photos, Venues, and Presents, Oh My!

Easy and I had our engagement shoot on Tuesday. We took our photos at my favorite spot on the planet. It's this little park in downtown Chicago right across the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, Water Tower Place, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

I love this place because it's this lush green park with all these trees and lot of families and people just there doing park-y things, but right outside the gates, it's all bustling downtown metropolis. It's simply lovely for a city girl who likes quiet (ish) enclaves.

Our pictures turned out pretty great. Want to see my favorite one?

The Nu3 Buzz Photography
 This shot is exactly what I was hoping for. It's an intimate moment between us two, caught in the sunlight streaming through the trees. On a tangential note, there should be some good wedding luck because during our shoot, a bird pooped on me.

Yes, I got pooped on, right on my skirt, while we were taking a photo. Easy says no can ever call me a bridezilla because I didn't freak out. I just had sad face until out photographer's girlfriend helped sort it out so we could keep taking pictures.

But enough about pictures, I want to talk more about gifts. Vistaprint had an amazing sale, so I had to hurry and pick our stores for registry so we could order Moo cards. We got 1000 for $25.00 including shipping and handling. I feel pretty good about that. Giving people our registry info will be the kick in the butt we need to actually get our registry done because right now there are only 1-2 things in each store's registry for us.

My mom also got me a pre-wedding gift. It's a nice wine glass that says Bridal Shower on it. I love it so much. If you Google bridal shower glasses, they have some nice ones, but the one she got me is really elaborate. I plan on putting it to good use starting in December!

Speaking of gifts, a really nice man in the park gave us money! For no reason at all except as congratulations on our engagement. A couple of people asked why we were taking photos in the park and we were happy to keep explaining that it was our engagement shoot. Easy and I decided we are going to use the money the man gave us as the money we'll start our joint checking account with. I think it's nice and sweet and sentimental, or something like that.

And lastly in this wedding info overloaded blog post, we have settled on our wedding venue! It will be at Chateau Bu-sche in Alsip, IL. That is unless someone swoops in and steals our date before we make our deposit. My mother is going to take my father to have a look at it and then they'll put down the deposit. Cross your fingers for me that we can get our date.

I'll try to think of something non-wedding related to post about tomorrow, but no promises!

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