Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In The Full Swing Of This New Life

I had been blogging during my breaks at work, but suddenly I didn't feel like it. I used my breaks to sleep. I was feeling pretty worn out. Getting adjusted to night would be much easier if it wasn't for my family and friends constantly requesting thing of me during the daytime.

So, let's see, what's been going on these last couple of days? I've been already in the full swing of wedding planning. We've got a list of venues and bridal salons to check out once me, my mother, and Easy can coordinate schedules. We set a tentative budget (concrete enough to pick a venue).

The hardest part so far? Coming up with a guest list. I have a list, Easy has a list, each of my parents made a list and Easy's parents made one list together. That's a lot of lists to reconcile. We're supposed to all sit down together on Sunday to whittle the list down to some manageable number (right now its 375 without Easy's parents' list).

We're flying pretty swiftly through training at work. It was supposed to take 8-9 weeks but it looks like we'll be done n 6 weeks. That's pretty exciting because then my schedule will be my own (at least more so) quicker.

I've really enjoyed spending time with Easy these last couple days. He takes such good care of me and makes sure I get enough sleep. This is the first night at work I actually felt rested enough to blog. I didn't need to nap during my break!

The one thing I have done with wedding planning is I have made formal invitations to all 32 members of our wedding party. That's right 32. We're freaking insane, I know.

2 Best Men, 2 Maids of Honor, 2 Bridal Attendants, 8 Groomsmen, 6 Bridesmaids, 2 Junior Bridesmaids, 2 Flower Girls, 2 Ring Bearers, 2 Hostesses, 2 Ushers, 2 Officiants.

That's a lot. That's all I have to say. I was party to this huge ass wedding party, so I can't complain...

Tomorrow, I'll post the story of how I had to get my engagement ring replaced less than one week after receiving it.

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