Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Ranking System

I'm gonna come up with a ranking system for my reviews. I plan on doing so many different types of reviews, so I will add to this post as I come up with more rubrics. I think I'll for now just come up with two for the reviews I've already done.

The basic scale will be five (5) somethings. Whether it's stilettos or water bottles, or whatever, lol. But each review category will have different criteria. They will be the five things I have decided are most important and with each criterion met, the reviewed thing will get closer to having five whatevers. Hopefully that makes sense. Okay, here are my categories, in alphabetical order, as they arise.

Cosmetics: The scale will be assorted cosmetics. I've chosen this because this picture was cute and there will be several different cosmetics reviewed, so I didn't want to favor one of the other.
The criteria are: 1) availability, 2) cost, 3) versatility, 4) fun-factor, 5) environment friendly

Electronic Gadgets: The scale will be in charging docks. I've chosen this because they make these super cool charging docks now that will work for all the latest electronic gadgets. They're like surge protectors upgraded. You can literally charge your Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, Kindle, palm pilot, electric toothbrush all at the same time with some of these things.
The criteria are: 1) innovative technology, 2) visual appeal, 3) unique capabilities, 4) ease of use, 5) affordability

Household Decorations: The scale will be in decorative pillows. I've chosen this because it's the quintessential household decoration and the quickest way to add your own touch to your home. Seriously, if you're ever looking to spruce up your place, take $20.00 to Wal-Mart and go crazy!
The criteria are: 1) visual appeal, 2) functionality, 3) able to keep clean, 4) affordability, 5) longevity

Movie Reviews: The scale will be boxes of popcorn. I've chosen this because it's the ideal movie treat.
The criteria are: 1) overall enjoyability, 2) acting, 3) plot, 4) scene/setting, 5) characters/storyline

Restaurants: The scale will be menus. I've chosen this because every restaurant has menus, even if they're up on the wall.
The criteria are: 1) tastiness across the menu, 2) affordability, 3)service with a smile, 4) decor/environment, 5) all-around enjoyability

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