Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Planning

If I get asked one more time, "you're planning your own party?!" I'm going to have a bitch fit! It's not like the people asking me this question were offering to take over the planning anyway.

Why can't I plan my own party? And it's not just my party, it's Michelle's party and Bad's party too. No one is throwing me a party, all my close friends either share my birthday or live in a different state.

And every other year I've planned my own party. It'd be nice to have someone plan something for me, but I like what I like and it's just easier to do it myself than to give someone a long list of things to do. Too much middle man.

I'm having so much fun sorting out the details with Michelle and Bad. We're gonna have so much fun together bringing in the beginning or end of our mid-20s. But whatever, it's time for a birthday wish list.

1. Family Dinner - I always have a dinner with my family on my birthday. And it's always awesome. I love my family. It's been interesting this year trying to talk my parents into eating somewhere other than Salads R Us. I still have another week to make it happen.

2. Romantic Dinner - I've never celebrated my birthday with someone I was dating and left it with nothing but good memories. The closest I've come is a memory tainted with the understanding that I was going to break up with him in the near future.

3. Awesome Party With My Friends - Being out dancing and having fun with the people I kick it with here in Chicago would be the highlight of my birthday. Well, not the highlight, but the most universally-fun part.

4. Shopping - I haven't been shopping in sooo long. Buying a great party dress and maybe some great boots for the fall/winter will bring a smile to my face as well.

5. No unwelcome birthday wishes - I've recently dismissed some people from my life and I would love to make it through my birthday without hearing from them. There's a reason we don't speak and my birthday is not a good time to reconnect.

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