Friday, October 15, 2010

Thoughts on the Past Week

I've been missing all week. I've been half busy and half just not feeling like putting up a post. But here are the things that crossed my mind this week:

*I'm so happy for those Chilean miners who were trapped. I wonder if the first thing they did before they checked them off at the hospital was hose them down. Seriously, it had been over 60 days! And that one guy's wife kissed him on the mouth as soon as he came out of the hole. Now that's love.

*I can't wait for it to be mid-November. At that point, election day will be over and so will preliminary analysis. Some of these candidates are quite horrible. But at least here in Illinois, there are a specific set of horrible candidates who aren't nearly as crazy as some other options around the country.

*October is my favorite time of year sports-wise. I get MLB playoffs, NBA pre-season, and NFL full swing. Basketball is really my least favorite so I don't remember if it's playoffs overlap with pre-season baseball in the early summer.

*I really looked amazing at my birthday party. It took me many hours of shopping but I think it paid off. The dress! The shoes! Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Yes, I'm standing on a hotel bed. We got a hotel room so we wouldn't drink and drive. The party was downtown, none of my friends live downtown. And I wanted a full body shot, so I got on the bed.

*Not having a job sucks! But the time spent looking has given me another layer of clarity on what it is I want to spend my time doing, if I could just find someone to hire me!

3 New Hypotheses:

I hate watching television anymore because of the political ads...and they aren't even relevant to me because they are all PA candidates-I live in NJ.


@SilverNeurotic: they're doing this new thing in Illinois where they're playing negative ads, but they look like 1950s commercials, so they feel very happy. It's quite a mind fuck to watch them over and over again.

@The Savage: thanks!

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