Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something Men and Women Can Agree On: There Are Things That Guys Do Wrong

I was surfing the web last night.This interesting post on Normally I'd be watching tv waiting to sleep and try to not have that dream where my brother is trying to kill me.

But I was waiting for my downloaded sewing pattern to print and I needed something to do. By the way, be patient and order a pattern that gets delivered. Downloading printing patterns suck! But I digress.

This article brought a huge smile to my face. Mostly because I was just talking about this stuff with this guy. Not all at once, but over the last couple of week. I said that proposals should match the who the people are as a couple. I mentioned a guy who had great potential until that potential fell off a cliff the day he gave me an envelope filled with home-made coupons for ice cream and backrubs.

So the question is: do I think like a guy, or does this guy's website actually have the info on how women think?

For each thing the link says women will hate, there is a solution. The solution they offer for how to propose is pretty dead on. I've heard of some pretty crappy proposals, like putting the ring in the ice cube, yuck. I've also heard some pretty great ones. What made them great? They fit the couple!

The solution they offer for how to give a home-made gift is just okay. I think it's better to go for doing things for her. Nice manly guy-type things combined with taking-care-of-her-things. Cook her dinner, give her a backrub, kill the spider she swears she saw crawl around the corner. Just make sure you mention you're doing it because you care or some crap like that. Trust me, the immediate joy of a backrub given two minutes after being offered is waaay better than some coupon for a backrub and some undetermined future date.

The solution they offer for what to do instead of getting the girl something she needs is awesome. Getting stuff at work is something most women love, although not all women. Top for one isn't one of those women. At least she wasn't when she was dating that Libra dude a few months ago.But I have a better solution, get her something she needs along with something she wants. Believe me, I'll be very happy to receive the new Dyson vacuum cleaner if it has a heart pendant necklace hanging around the handle. I always say, why should it be either or?

Ummmm, the one about World of Warcraft.... I'm not sure what to say. I've never dated someone who's into it. But I have dated people with obsessive interests in video games or sports or music, etc. And it does suck to not be included in it. So whatever the passion is, find a way to include your lady in it. Or at least give her a fighting chance to decide it's your thing and not our thing. Couples don't have to share everything, but don't count out the sharing before you've tried.

The last one I only half agree with. I think trying to get your girl involved in your interests is a good idea. This ties in with the last one. But I do think that instead of forcing each other into things you don't both like, finding new things for you two is a great solution. As long as that solution doesn't replace everything you held dear previous to the relationship, it's a good idea. So she does yoga, he jogs and they've tried to share those interests and it just isn't working. They can go take a kickboxing class together. See? Problem solved.

Are there other things that women hate? There sure are. The Frisky has an article written simply to expand the list started on The ones that stood out to me are:

4. Calling Us Your “Girlfriend” Before We’ve Discussed It: This is because this may have happened to my girl Camille. Her guy Malik made a questionable sentence that sort of inferred it. Sort of. She was on edge waiting to see if he was gonna drop the g-word again.

5. Attempting To Make Out With Us In Public: I'm seriously not an initiator or a long-time lover of PDA. It's just not my thing unless I'm really into the guy and then I'm doing it for him. I do however find their solution amusing.

3. Red roses, boxes of chocolate, and teddy bears clutching hearts—just cheesy!: Whoa, hold up now! I would love to receive those things. But only if they come from a guy who's not cheesy. If it's from a mellow, low-key guy, I'd love to receive flowers and/or candy. What can I say? I was raised by a man who does those things. A girl cannot receive Fannie May mint meltaways every Sweetest Day for the first 25 years of her life and not think that's supposed to continue!

9. Feeding us. Again, we are not in diapers: This just makes me laugh cause it makes me think of the movie The Ugly Truth. I'm not actually sure how I feel about this because no one has ever tried to feed me that I remember. Or if they have, I guess that means I'm indifferent to it.

I can't think of any other comments I want to make, but I highly recommend these two articles. They super funny. Particularly the YouTube video of the JumboTron proposal.

2 New Hypotheses:

Good post :) I definitely agree that a proposal has to fit with the two of you - my husband took me back to the spot where we had our first kiss, which was so sweet.


That sounds like such a sweet proposal. You can't go wrog with proposing in a way that matches who you are as a couple, at least I don't think so. :)

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