Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Back From The Club, And It Was Awesome!

I'm sitting here with Bad, his sister, his girlfriend, his friend, Michelle, her sister, and their cousins and a friends of theirs. And Lion and his cousin are here too.

We had an awesome time at our birthday party. Michelle unfortunately got sick, so Camille and Gloria have headed home, but the rest of us are at my hotel room chilling right now.  Lion and his cousin thought I was typing an e-mail, but I'm writing a blog post. It's taking forever because I'm drunk and it's hard to type correctly.

We're having fun de-briefing about tonight. Lion's cousin was on Facebook. A number of us agree that Facebook is the devil, but I digress.

We are eating McDonald's and Al's #1. It's so good when you're drunk. Lion's cousin is from the south... and the Midwest... and St. Louis (which is in the Midwest).

Whatever, I've done posting, I'm drunk and I wanna hang with my friends. They're laughing at me for typing fast.

Funny story, "I don't have anywhere to drink." I just said that, but I thought I was saying, "I don't have anywhere to sleep. Michelle and her sister and their cousins are taking up all the room. But Lion's cousin left the room to go get a girl and I may not be able to sleep in their room.

Lion just told me I was missing life while blogging, so I'm done for real now. Yay, I had a successful birthday party.

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