Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Will Have A Social Life! I Will Have A Social Life!

So, I'm doing more than just saying it to myself over and over again. I'm doing something about it!

Today was a great day so far. The Fall Festival of Fun at the church was a pretty good success. We gave those kids so much candy! I feel sorry for those parents. If I had kids coming from that party, they would be required to jog around the block three times before coming in the house. I would need to speed along that sugar crash, ha ha.

And as a side success, everyone loved the pamphlet I put together with the information in it about all that my church has to offer children and teenagers. Individuals actually sought me out to tell me so. That makes me feel useful and appreciated.

But as far as a social life, it's been difficult to have one outside of dating. All my close guy friends have girlfriends they're super serious with. All my close girl friends live outside the city or have demanding kid/job/school. Once I get some of those things for myself, I'll be right along with them.

For now though, it would be nice to have someone to hang out with at the drop of the hat. I was starting to feel like maybe a thriving social life just wasn't going to happen. But then I realized I had to be more proactive. I try not to just let life happen to me.

How did I remedy this situation? I realized I missed Bad and I haven't hung out with him in forever. I haven't seen him since our birthday and that was at the beginning of the month. So I asked what he and Jordan were up to tonight.

And voila! We are going to a party at Shrine tonight. I figured I should put my costume to good use. It's not much of a costume. I still can't even be sure what it is. I've got a black velvet cape, a catsuit, a sequined silver belt, and black peep toe pumps. I'm like a rock star/diva/superhero/evil fill-in-the-blank hybrid.

But I will be hanging out with friends tonight and enjoying myself out on the town because I'm in my 20s damnit! I guess that's not a good reason because I don't intend on becoming a hermit the day I turn 30. But I'm heading to Bad's and Jordan's apartment now, so good night blogosphere.

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