Monday, October 4, 2010

Running Against The Clock

Today I was on the phone, metaphorically running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I was trying to make several appointments. I made a dentist appointment for Thursday. I made a gynecologist appointment for tomorrow. I tried to make an eye doctor appointment, but that didn't end well. And I was doing all this while sorting out misunderstandings between me and a certain guy I keep alluding to. But back to the main point.

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois HMO is not the devil. Thank God since I had a huge favor to ask of them. They switched my physician's group from Rockford to Chicago and they got me in to see a doctor. Why the rush? My insurance is about to expire.

Thanks to our president and non-evil legislators in Washington, I got to stay on my dad's insurance for some extra time. I was very happy to be on my dad's insurance and not using my school's insurance. But now that I'm no longer a student, and unemployed, my time is up. So I was trying to get in before I was shut out.

Here's the good news, my insurance policy doesn't expire until November 1st, so I get extra time to sort out this issue with the vision coverage my dad is still paying for me to have. I need glasses and new contacts, but when I tried to make an appointment, I was told I wasn't covered. This is very wrong. I hope they fix it because everything I get this month has to last me.

I'm totally switching to Seasonique birth control pills because they give you a three month pack. I can at least get the first pack while I still have insurance and just plan on how I'm going to cover the cost in three months. And of course, I"m hoping I'll have a job by then and will just be counting down the days until my insurance benefits kick in. I never stop hoping for long shots.

2 New Hypotheses:

I've been without health insurance for awhile now. It's kind of scary, but fortunately I do not get sick often (nor, do I take any medication regularly). I need to find a job with benefits but it's been very very difficult.


It is so difficult. I'm just hoping it works out for me and you sooner rather than later. I'm lucky I suppose that I don't get sick often either.

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