Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sound Bar, Chicago, IL Is On My Shit List

Today, my birthday party was almost ruined. I shouldn't say almost because it may still be ruined. Here's the story.

My friends Bad, Michelle, and I all have birthdays near each other. We decided to celebrate our birthdays together this year. Our plans for a party bus fell through, so we decided we would do VIP with bottle service at a club. All three of us loved Sound Bar on Ontario in Chicago, so it was a no-brainer to go there. I called and was told they had a special on bottle service on Fridays and it would be $125 per bottle. I was told to call back when I had all the names for the reservation.

When I called back with more questions about the reservation, I was never told the price had changed. But when I called today to actually make the reservation (I did say I had flaky friends. It took them all about a week to say for sure if they were in or out), I was told the price was $195 per bottle. I was told the woman I had previously spoken with was just wrong.

With incredible disbelief, I explained the situation to Michelle and Bad. Bad and I began trying to come up with an alternate plan because neither of us wanted to pay the extra money. I felt like they were trying to take me for a ride. Luckily, Michelle found and e-mail she received from them today stating that the price for Belvidere bottles on Friday was $125.

So I called back and told them what the e-mail said. They told me the e-mail was wrong because this was a special Friday with a special DJ. I told them the e-mail also said this was a special Friday, with that special DJ, and the special price. They told me the e-mail was wrong and there was nothing they could do for me if I wasn't willing to pay the price of $195 per bottle.

There was no way I was asking my friends to pay extra money to make that happen. Especially when that damn e-mail went out 35 minutes after I first spoke to the woman on the phone and she told me a different price. So now I'm mad. I don't appreciate being lied to. I was about to bring these people hundreds of dollars in money Friday night. We were going to get four bottles AND we had extra people coming who weren't going to do bottle service, but were just going to buy their own drinks. And now they get nothing.

And not only do they get nothing, I reported them to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising and bad customer service. In case you ever want to report someone in the Chicago area,

BBB of Chicago & Northern Illinois
(Chicago, IL)
330 N. Wabash, Ste. 2006
Chicago, IL 60611-7621
Phone: (312)832-0500
Fax: (312)832-9985

So like I said, Sound Bar is on my shit list. I've spent lots of money there over the past couple of years. Another dollar I shall never spend. If you're in the Chicago area, don't go there, they suck! Go to Lumen, or Spy Bar or Proof or somewhere they give you the same price they quoted to you two weeks prior on the phone and the same fucking day in an e-mail!

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