Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Am I Doing It? I Do It For The Kiddies

I don't know about the people who read this blog, but I for one am happy to take a break from talking about my tumultuous love life.

So what will I be talking about today? My kids. I know what you're thinking. Where the hell did CeCe get some kids from? I got them from church silly. They have them on sale there for $49.99 each. Okay, I get it. I'm only funny to myself. Moving on...

I work with multiple groups at my church that work with the children and teenagers. I work with the Mission Circle for the teenage girls. I work with the Jr./Youth/Young Adult Ushers. I work with the Mission's Mentor Program. And I volunteer with the Children's Church.

These kids show up at my house all hours of the day. I feed them, take them shopping, take them to the movies, give them advice, help with their homework, offer spiritual guidance, and fuss at them when they've messed up. They are my kids.

And this work I do with the church is a pretty big part of my life. I love working with the kids and trying my best to help guide them in the direction of ending up successful adults. I had such fun at the church as a child and teenager that I just want to help ensure other kids love it as much as I did.

Right now, all the groups that serve the children/teenagers are coming together under one umbrella to reach out to all the church's youth. It's a really exciting prospect because when people work together, the events get bigger, the more diverse needs get met, and conflicts are reduced.

For the next year, each one of the eight groups has agreed to take over a month and plan an even that reaches out to all the youth. We're taking them on field trips, community service opportunities, spiritual journey, etc. We have homework nights, game nights, lock-ins, etc. By working together, we'll be accomplishing more than the total of what each group could do by themselves. This is a big step to getting all the kids together. And unlike when I was coming up in the church, no one group is being left out in all the shuffle.

For the new year, we'll have t-shirts, a page on the church website, and calendar so the kids can keep track of events, and a full membership roll so we can keep track of the kids. People, all I'm saying is if you are looking for fulfilling outreach work, starting close to home (at your church) is the key!

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