Friday, October 8, 2010

They Say It's Your Birthday, Duh-duh-duh-nuh-nuh-duh-nuh, It's My Birthday Too!!

I wrote in my other blog today about my girl Michelle's birthday, which is today. My friend Bad's birthday was yesterday. The three of us are having a party tonight. My birthday is Monday. I think that's all the basic info.

Let me now add how excited I am for the party!!! See that, three exclamation marks. Maybe if I throw in some CAPS, my internet speaking voice will be louder, indicating even more excitement. But no one wants to be yelled at via text or instant message or blog, so I'll just stick with how I'm typing.

Right now, I'm sitting in a hotel room a couple blocks from the club. I'm eating an Italian beef sandwich and fries from Al's #1 Italian Beef. I'm drinking a Smirnoff Triple Black. I've got a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select Riesling on ice, and two other bottles waiting for when they are needed. My dad brought me four cupcakes earlier that are waiting for Bad and Michelle to get here. I've got the most fabulous dress and shoes sitting in the closet. My early evening is turning out better than I could have planned it. I might be doing the best things ever right now for my birthday!

On my birthday, I like to make a couple plans, but leave lots of room for living in the moment. I didn't plan the food, the cupcakes, or the alcohol. But they're here, and I'm happy. I'm also feeling super relaxed because I went to yoga today right before I came and checked into the hotel. Everybody I've talked to seems to be in a good mood and I believe tonight will go well. I may possibly post about the party when we get back to the hotel. It depends on how drunk I'll be. It's not good to try and post when your fingers can't hold their place on the keys.

The Point of Today's Post: I'm having the most pleasant kick-off to my birthday this year. I like to celebrate it for days in a row, and today is Day 1!
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