Sunday, January 9, 2011

Creating Things Day Eight - The Perfect Wrapped Gift

People may wonder why I'm wrapping a gift well over two weeks after Christmas.

Well, it's because Easy and I aren't exchanging gifts until tomorrow.

He's been gone, but by this time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to the airport to pick him up.

And since we're exhanging gifts, I wanted his to be wrapped.

I wrap a mean Christmas gift. so I wanted something really nice to see.

He's been out of the country for the last five Christmases or so.

I imagine that doesn't lead to a lot of fancy wrapped presents.

So he will have one from me tomorrow.

And if we do end up exchanging gifts with his family, his people will see that I took extra measures to make his gift look awesome.

So here's the box I had to wrap.

Next, I had to pick out the perfect wrapping paper.

My family had a low-key Christmas this year, but we usually do it big, so down in the basement there were plenty of wrapping materials.

This is what I chose.

Once everything was picked out, I had to cut the paper down to size.

Then I wrapped the first part. This was tricky because the box is not uniform all around and the paper has stripes.

So I pulled out my trusty (now painty) lap table to have a hard surface to work on.

When striped paper is wapped perfectly, it just stands out as really nice, don't you think?

Then I wrapped the sides.

Then I added the bows and name tag. I could have left it like this, but I felt it needed just one more thing.

I'm not saying I'm destructive, but me and gifts don't transport well.

Seriously, unless that thing is going right under the nearest Christmas tree, something always goes wrong.

So I grabbed a bag to keep the gift safe and the bows un-smashed.

I think the colors and the wrapping just scream CHRISTMAS, which is essential for a late Christmas gift exchange. 

I think Easy will light up when he sees it. Everyone likes opening gifts.

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