Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Missing His Plane Is My Fault

That is, according to my mother, it's my fault.

I hesitated to tell her the story because she jumps to negative conclusions rather easily and I didn't want to give her any reason to think poorly of Easy.

It may seem extreme, but my mom holds on to her negative opinions harder than she holds onto her positive ones.

But I told her anyway. I had to.

When my parents got home from their Weight Watchers meeting, they were confused why I was at home.

So I explained what happened.

After saying that Easy reminds her of my father with the whole "lack of attention to detail" thing, she told me I could have fixed this.

She says I should have called Geneva, Switzerland to his hotel to check on his flight status.

The time he told me on the phone the last time we spoke was different from the time on the e-mail he forwarded me with his flight info.

My mom thinks I should have reached out to him to clear up the discrepancy.

I couldn't have just e-mailed him because this last hotel he was at didn't have wifi.

Considering the hundreds of dollars he paid to switch his flight to tomorrow morning, she thinks a $10 phone call would've have been better.

I was a bit flabbergasted that the conclusion she drew was that this was my fault. But I was also kind of tickled.

In my defense, Easy mixes stuff up a lot. He really doesn't pay attention to detail.

But I don't worry too much about the big stuff because it's not like he misses bill payments or work deadlines or family functions.

This was a lesson learned. Airplane flights, even ones that cross oceans, are not "big stuff".

So why was I tickled? Because she really likes Easy. Or at least she likes what she knows about him so far.

She was quick to blame me rather than him. It's not that I feel like she should have blamed him.

It's just that I thought she would, only to find that she blames me.

Lesson learned. Next time Easy has a trans-Atlantic flight, I will make a $10 phone call to be sure that the time he thinks his flight leaves is the actual time it leaves.

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