Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating Things Day Seven - A Water Bottle Carrier

For today, I decided I wanted to use my orange fabric again.

I used part of it to jazz up a storage box. But I've got so much of it left.

By the time I'm done making things each day, half my stuff will be covered in orange fabric, lol.

I came up with this idea because last night I took a bottle of water with me to the bowling alley for league night.

The bottle had cold water in it. This was no problem while we were outside.

But once we got into the heated bowling alley, condensation popped up on the outside.

There's nothing too odd about that. But one of my Christmas gifts was this amazing bag that is now my everyday purse.

This purse has a different material inside of than my last bag.

I had this thought that if only I had an extra layer between the bottle and the inside of the bag, my whole life would improve.

Dramatic thoughts aside, I decided to do something about it today.

Here is a picture of the bag, the water bottle, and the fabric.

Trust me, I will not be dismembering this bag for its handles.

I had to find something that would work as a drawstring, sort of like what I did for the yoga mat carrier.

Ultimately, I just decided to cut a headband in half and make it an elastic opening at the top.

The first thing to do was to cut the fabric so it would be the right size to hold the bottle.

I decided to double the fabric so I would have extra protection from the moisture.

Next, I was on to the ancient sewing machine to stitch the holder up.

Then my trusty kabob skewer helped me get the elastic through.

I perhaps watch too much Good Eats, but I love kitchen items that can multi-task.

I figured it would be a smart idea to stitch the elastic closed so I'm not constantly re-stringing it.

Then came the test to see if it fits.

It does!! No more wet purse insides!

I think tomorrow I may make something else with food. I'm going to make a sandwich.

No, I'm not going to make a sandwich. I don't know what I'm going to make.

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