Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creating Things Day Twelve - Putting Together A Bed, Part One

I think I've referred to the unfortunate Bachelor Pad-ness of Easy's apartment in St. Louis.

Well, one important thing he was missing was a bed. I should say is a bed.

This is just a preliminary post. Putting the bed together will be a two part post.

Right when we got to St. Louis last night, Easy and I drove to Value City Furniture. We found a bed, like it, and he purchased it.

They weren't able to deliver the bed (plus delivery was $100) until next week, so I said screw that plan.

I suggested we get a U-Haul and just bring the bed to his place ourselves.

He seemed confused about whether or not I'd be able to help move a bed.

I informed him I'd moved my queen size bed several times, even a couple all by myself, and he need not worry.

So we got the U-Haul after he was done with work for the day. We picked up the bed and brought it here.

There were quite a number of pieces to this bed, as you can see in the picture.

We got everything upstairs and I started putting the pieces together.

I was glad the bed put together the exact same way mine did so it wouldn't take long to get it together.

I wasn't glad the Easy had absolutely no bed-putting-together skills. I guess it happens.

A man who spends that much time working on his music is bound to lack other skills besides cooking.

After we got the basics of the frame together, we had to screw in the wooden planks that would add support to the frame and make it sturdier.

This is where things went awry. The planks don't fit.

They are long enough, but they are too tall. You can't tell by the picture, but I could tell when I tried to screw them in place.

That wood is not supposed to  be bent. It would warp over time or maybe even break.

This could lead to instability of the bed and shorten the life of the bed.

Side note about the screws, actually screwdrivers.

For this to be a dude house, they have one screwdriver!!!

It's actually a screwdriver set. You know, the one screw-y piece that had little bits you can fit in and out depending on the size of whatever needs to be screwed?

I just don't understand that though. I'm quite the girly chick, but I have somewhere between 5 and 8 screwdrivers.

Maybe it comes from years of living alone and having to fix things myself, but damn, I expected better from a bachelor pad.

If you don't have essentials like butter and flour (yes, I'm referring to last night's cookies), you should at least have screwdrivers.

I bet living here is like a lesson in MacGuyver-style survival, lol.

Moving back to the bed.

Easy's roommate came to help. Nothing he did served as a source of help, but he was there, trying to help.

After the guys (neither of whom have ever put a bed like that together before) came to the conclusion I had already drawn, I agreed to their decision.

We took the bed down, and I'm going to call the store tomorrow to see about them fixing those planks.

My guess is that they gave us the wrong planks. They are just a very wrong height.

Hopefully that won't be a fight, but tomorrow will soon be here and then I'll know.

And so tonight, we will be sleeping on a mattress. The mattress in this picture.

It is a pretty comfortable mattress though. You can see it's a pillow-top, which is soooo much better than an air mattress, couch, or floor.

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