Friday, January 7, 2011

A Victoria's Secret Almost Revealed

I bought some things the Victoria's Secret webpage and got great prices.

It is their semi-annual sale after all. Plus, I figured Easy would like to see me sleep in something other than a wife beater.

I also saw something I figured my mom would love. I bought that too.

My items were supposed to ship by today or Monday. Hers were supposed to ship by Monday or Tuesday.

I had her item shipped to her name and mine shipped to my name.

The doorbell rang this morning and I answered ready to sign for a package she said she was expecting yesterday or today.

I signed for it and proceeded to take it to her room. I noticed then that the package was mailed to her from Victoria's Secret.

I didn't think that's where her package was supposed to be from. That's when I got suspicious.

Then I saw the package also had my name on it, just not under the "To:" portion.

I then figured it was what I ordered for her, but that it had come sooner than my stuff because there was less of it to ship.

But then I noticed the package had more weight on it than it should have for just a small delivery.

I debated back and forth about opening it. I'm sooooo glad I decided to open it.

It turned out to be my stuff. Only my stuff. Her stuff hadn't arrived yet.

I made two separate orders, so I don't know why they mailed my stuff to her.

But I would've have been slightly embarrassed for her to open the package, expecting my early birthday gift for her, only to discover some sexy items I'm taking with me to St. Louis next week.

It would be... awkward... to say the least.

So I've got my items, and the next package to come will be for her and her alone.

I just hope they didn't mix up the names. I don't want her to not open her gift because she thinks it's something for me.

Well, I'm off to see what I will make today. I still have no idea what it's going to be. I just hope I can get it done before I'm supposed to head to yoga class.

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