Sunday, January 2, 2011

Creating Things Day One - A Pillow For Belle

I did decide to make something every day. But today is the first day I actually set down to do it.

I had to figure out what I could make while also watching Sunday football.

I noticed this old cheap pillow that couldn't hold it together.

I decided to make another smaller pillow out of it. My mother accused my cat Belle of destroying the pillow.

She didn't do it, but I figured making her a pillow of her own would be a good way to kick off my first day of making something.

The first thing I had to do was remove the fabric I was going to use to make the pillow.

Then, I had this.

Next, I began stitching on one of the oldest Singer sewing machines ever.

I then had a completed pillow shell that just had to be flipped inside out.

Then, I began stuffing the pillow shell.

I had left one corner open to fill it.

I had to hand-stitch the rest of the pillow shut.

Once that was complete, I had a pillow done!

It is a nice tiny pillow, perfect for Belle.

I wonder what I'll make tomorrow.

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