Friday, January 7, 2011

More About Christmas Gifts

The girls' night one of my friends planned actually happened tonight.

I will say that I didn't expect the night to happen.

My friends aren't flaky, just occasionally otherwise occupied.

But most of us ended up at Gloria's house tonight.

We were catching up on holiday events and activities. I haven't seen most of them since Christmas Eve.

One of the things that came up were questions about when Easy was getting back from Europe.

I told them of how we were exchanging gifts once he gets back on Monday.

Easy actually suggested that I come over to his parents' house that night and we all exchange gifts together.

That prompted Michelle to bring up the fact that I had to purchase two Christmas gifts for him.

They all want to know the story of course.

I start by showing them the pic on my cell phone of the bracelet he already owns that he wanted me to find a chain to match.

I told them about first attempting to shop online and showed them what showed up in the mail.

They all started cracking up and asking me was I really considering giving a grown man a gift that looks like I purchased it somewhere named "Hood Jewelry Pagoda".

So then I told them about dragging Michelle out to purchase a much better chain and pulled out the box.

They immediately showed relief as they saw that the gift came in a real jewelry box and had a warranty.

They all said maybe he wouldn't immediately leave me if I gave him the second chain.

Then they started cracking jokes about how his family would react if I showed up to their house to exchange gifts and they saw the first under-whelming chain in the crappy box.

They suggested I use the gift as a gag gift, but I was like, "um no, I'll probably have told Easy about this before he gets back"

That, plus I don't want his family to know that I purchased such a wrong gift at first.

They didn't stop laughing for a while. I'm glad to be a source of amusement to my friends.

But I think I did pretty good for a first gift. Especially considering I usually just go for cuff links.

I'm branching out of my box. I seem to keep doing that with Easy. Eh, whatever.

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