Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Less Than A Week Til Easy Returns

I've been trying not to post too much about Easy while he's been in Europe.

I didn't imagine anyone wanted to read thirty posts that all say, "he e-mailed me again, isn't that great?"

With the exception of a few no-wifi areas, I've been e-mailing him back and forth everyday.

I heard from him way more than I expected to, which is only great news for me.

He went through a lot of things to be able to e-mail me and the occasional video chat on gmail.

He even borrowed a soundman's laptop at the sound check of one of his shows.

Even with all of the contact, it felt like the time was passing so slowly.

This has been the longest two and a half weeks ever.

But now it's down to less than a week. That's right, in six days he'll be back.

I'm not sure if I'm picking him up from the airport or his mom is, but I'll see him Monday night either way.

And then Tuesday, we'll both be heading to St. Louis to spend some time together.

I'll be there long enough for his jazz quartet to do a gig. I've been dying to see him play his saxophone in a gig.

I haven't heard him play in a gig since August; it's just different playing than what you see at a jam session or during practice.

I'm really looking forward to next Monday. We're going to exchange Christmas gifts and make up for lost time.

I don't know if he's done any video chatting with his family, but if not, his mom is gonna freak out when she sees how much he's in need of a haircut.

I like the shaggy look on him, but I imagine she won't be a fan. Should be funny.

Okay, that's enough about Easy now. I'm off to discover what I can make for today.

I'm thinking I'm going to make some sort of sweet food. I haven't really baked anything since I moved back to Chicago.

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