Monday, January 17, 2011

Creating Things Day Fourteen - A Savory Pasta Dish

This post was supposed to go up on Saturday, but like I said, I've been busy and am behind.

Easy had two gigs in one night and I didn't accompany him. Consequently, I was at his place by myself, and starving.

After surveying the Bachelor Pad, it was clear I didn't have too many options for feeding myself.

I saw a can of diced tomatoes, some frozen chicken tenders, the last of the wine we bought the other day, some linguine noodles from a previous time I made dinner here, and some chicken broth.

I decided to make myself a pasta dish. I forgot to take pictures though. Sorry.

I started out by sauteing the chicken in olive oil and butter. I seasoned it with black pepper, crushed red pepper, salt, and Italian seasoning.

Then I took the chicken out and made a sauce using the oil from cooking the chicken, the broth, the wine, and some butter.

Then I added the tomatoes and let the sauce reduce down. Then I dropped the pasta.

When the pasta was done, I drained it and added it and the chicken back to the sauce.

I finished it with a little lemon juice and sat down and enjoyed a really delicious dish.

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