Thursday, July 21, 2011

As It Turns Out, This Is Really Not Just My Wedding

Every vendor I go to tells me, "this is your big day, honey! It's all about you!" The deadpan look I give them lets them know I'm not that type of bride and that's no way to get in good with me.

They usually quickly change tactics and begin to ask lots o' questions of me and whoever I'm there with. These vendors catch on quick, you know?

And while I know all the big decisions of this wedding (i.e., guest list, venue, colors, flowers) are not all at my choice alone, some moments have felt like I was doing it alone and pulling everyone along to do their part.

Figuring out our wedding colors was a 7 step process that included the majority of the women in my wedding sphere. I'm not joking. Me, my mother, my FMIL, my FSILs, my maid of honor, both my hostesses and junior bridesmaids, 6 of my bridesmaids, and my two flower girls all had input. Oh, and of course Easy did as well. Believe it or not, that was a fun decision to make.

But other things, like tracking down addresses has proven incredibly difficult. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon and Sunday night when I finally felt like I wasn't doing that whole project against everyone else's wishes.

Our engagement is short. Very short. Too short to have a guest list that is currently over 300 people. But it is reality and I'm not pushing my wedding back. But there is more urgency to do things like sending out our save the dates.

Easy came with me to my parents house. He helped narrow down the guest list that was at one point upwards of 350. He tracked down all the addresses he hadn't already gotten.

My parents also had the rest of their addresses. And with the help of my parents, we got every single envelope stuffed, addressed, and sealed by early Monday morning. My father took them to the post office to be mailed Monday morning.

There was a lot that was stressful about this big step. There were a lot, a whole lot, of addresses to track down. Then we had to sort out our engagement party invite list. We decided to send those invites in our STDs to save postage. That meant two different types of things to put into the envelopes.

The big point is that it got done. And I didn't have to do it all by myself. I think once everyone realized we were less than four weeks from our engagement party, everyone went into working mode and we got it done!

It feels really great to know that my people are down for the hard work and not just the fun times. And we did a lot of preliminary work so the next steps will be easier for future invitations.

One thing: We still need 20 more addresses from my future mother in law. I should be called her my FMIL, but she's way cooler than that. We're calling her the Notorious M.O.G. I know you get the reference. Yeah you do.

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