Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our First Pre-Wedding Mailings

The original STDs (hehe), moo cards, and engagement party invites that I designed are no more. The one benefit of not having all the addresses yet is that I've had a chance to incorporate our wedding monogram, change the colors (bridesmaid dresses, sigh), and re-format the layout.

It's been a lot of changes, but the final product was ordered and shipped. Do you want to see it? I know you do.

Here are our Moo Cards. Can anyone tell me why they're called Moo Card? Is it an acronym? Are there cows involved?

That lovely monogram you see there we got for free at Things Remembered for buying their set of champagne flutes and cake cutters. I'm currently very much in love with the included Christmas tree ornament. Christmas is always on mind, even in July. They have some amazing designs and we're getting them engraved with our monogram. Sorry I have so much stuff whited out.

Here are our Save The Dates.
I love the photo of us. And the darker colors represent the new darker color that our bridesmaid dresses will be.  As you see, I still haven't blotted our my new last name. I love it so much, I want it to show. I couldn't bear to cover it up. I'm gonna be a McBride, lol! Get it? No? It's just me who watches too much Grey's Anatomy? That's fine. Moving on.

Here are our engagement party invites.

My mother and I worked way too hard on the wording for the engagement party invites. We are sending them out with our STDs because we're on such a time frame. And we're really messing up because these were supposed to go out July 2nd. But I believe it will be okay if I can just get them sent out Saturday. Cross your fingers for me.

I'm really proud of myself that I designed these all myself and they turned out to be exactly what I want our wedding to be: classic with a festive twist. Also, vistaprint is my new best friend. At least for the pre- and post-wedding paper products. I'll be seeking other options for our actual wedding invites.

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