Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finding Time For Non-Wedding Things, Well Not Really

Having only 7 months left to plan a wedding for more than 300 people (did I mention that's a slight source of stress for me?) doesn't leave a lot of time for other things. But boy, do I try.

Picnics with my girls (also my bridesmaids, but we're not talking about that today) is something we've been talking about for months. It finally happened Saturday afternoon.

One of the biggest parks in the city is one block away from my new apartment. Washington Park is no place you want to be caught after dark. But around 1pm on Saturday, it's the perfect place for a picnic.

Even though I wanted this event to be completely un-related to the wedding, it was chock full of bridesmaids, so there was some wedding stuff. For instance, I had to wear my C-Ride/Bridezilla sash. I've really got to get a better picture of that thing so you all can see how great it is that they made it by hand.

Seriously, my bridesmaids are awesome. Okay, and now I'm officially talking about wedding stuff again. I realized that while talking about the dress shopping, I neglected to show the magical dress that managed to look good on every single one of my bridesmaids.

They have seriously different body types.

But there is a dress type that works well on literally everyone. It's the A-line of course. But the floor length was really the ticket, even though they all have great legs. The surprise to me was the empire waist. I figured a natural waist would be more universally flattering. I don't care about being wrong because this dress is just fabulous.

So without further ado. Bill Levkoff dress styl 537:

this dress is all over weddingbee, much like my wedding dress.
I don't care much about how many times this dress shows up in weddings. It's a great freaking dress. And it's super flattering no matter how big or small the bust, waist, or hips.
 Now the key is to find it for the best price. I know we can find a better price. And with 8 women and 2 pre-teens buying a version of that dress, we should be able to get a darn good discount.

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