Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Looking For Corny In My Life"

The Holiday is one of my favorite movies. It combines Christmas and romantic comedies and it has an ensemble cast and a couple of the characters break into song for no reason at all plus a sexy man with an accent is one of the leads? That's a special kind of movie heaven for me. Watch the clip. Around 8:55 is the part of the scene that inspired the title to this post.

I have my moments where corny things are what I actually prefer. I'd like to blame my fiance for making this even worse. I usually try to avoid embracing my mushy side. But Easy keeps making it seem like this is good behavior, so I keep indulging here and there.

I posted back in June about what I got my Dad for Father's Day. One of his gifts was a hat that said "Father of the Bride".

Well.... I bought myself one too. I bought a hat that says "Future Mrs. McBride". I truly did. It's the pinnacle of corniness. And I bought a hat that I'll only be able to wear for another 6.5 months. But I did it.

When we get around having wedding events, you'll probably see me with my Future Mrs. McBride baseball cap and Bridezilla sash. I'm starting to hoard some serious pre-wedding swag. Throw that in with the wine glass my mother got me that says "Bride" and my pre-wedding gear is almost complete.

The question is what to get next. Should I get a cute Bride-to-Be Tank Top?

Image via Zazzle

Or maybe a cute tiara?

Image via FunSlurp
 Already having a shopping habit makes me even more prone to this, the corniest of indulgences. Have you ever gone overboard with themed swag?

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