Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stop! Put Down The Laptop And Back Away Slowly

I informed my girl Top of my decline ascendance into being a person who can't stop talking about her next purchase of an Apple product. I have plans to get a Macbook soon.

The question was how soon I'd be able to afford it (I didn't want to finance it) and if I'd be able to use Easy's educator discount. Turns out he can, but if we both want laptops this summer, we can't both use the discount. Fail.

But, Top had a great idea. She suggested that even if I could purchase the laptop this month, I should wait until at least August.

Why August? I'd be dealing with all those back-to-schoolers and have to fight for personalized attention.

I'd want this...

...but would surely get this in August.
Apparently, that's what I want. I didn't know it at first, but Top now has me convinced.

At the behest of her roommate, she waited until August-September-ish and got a great deal. They had a back-to-school promotion going with something like a $100 rebate. Also, she got her iPod Touch for free with her laptop. Winning!

I immediately decided to put money aside from the next three checks to cover the whole cost and start searching around the internet for when such a deal would begin.

And in hopefully 5-6 short weeks, I'll be the, gulp, proud new owner of a MacBook Pro, and maybe a new iPod Touch. Sigh. Boy how times have changed.

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