Friday, July 1, 2011

I Say It Will Be So, I Reeeallly Hope I'm Right

Since the only internet access I have is during work hours, I'm writing this post in advance and hoping things will work out and I'm not forced to correct my assumptions with my tail between my legs.

But I have faith. I have picked a wedding venue. I had already picked it. If I were paying for my own wedding (which would mean I had the money to do so), I would have already put down the deposit.

My mother and Easy both make decisions slower than I do. So now, my mother and I have a plan that should have been enacted by the time this post publishes.

We have a meeting with the good people at Chateau Bu-sche to put down a deposit to hold a space for February 11, 2012. I'm so excited for this to finally be settled. Settled in my mind is one thing.

Settled in reality is quite different. The date was still available as of Monday afternoon. I hope it will still be available on Wednesday evening. Cross your fingers for me that it went well. I won't be back at work until Saturday, so you will be in suspense if I got my wedding venue secured or not.

Cause I know you all care soooo much. Narcissism fail.

2 New Hypotheses:

That place is SO pretty! It'll be like having your reception at the White House!


Lol, it does kind of look like a mini White House. I'm very excited. I just hope it looks as fantastic in February.
And can I say I'm psyched I made the cut for blogs you still read?

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